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Cement rotary kiln

Cement rotary kiln is a type of rotary kiln, consisting of kiln barrel, transmission device, support device, blocking wheel device, kiln head sealing device, kiln tail sealing device, kiln head cover, etc.


Rotary Kiln Equipment



product description

The cement rotary kiln is a kind of rotary kiln. It consists of kiln cylinder, transmission device, support device, retaining wheel device, kiln head sealing device, kiln tail sealing device, kiln head cover, etc. It is often used for calcining cement clinker, which is cement. The "heart" of the factory. In addition, cement rotary kiln is widely used in many production industries such as building materials, chemicals, and environmental protection.



Technical performance and characteristics


Simple structure, stable performance

The utility model has the advantages of simple structure, good system sealing effect, full utilization of waste heat, environmental protection dust removal and simple and effective; adopting advanced hydraulic gear wheel device, metering plunger pump with high measuring precision, high-precision speed regulating valve and contact type graphite block sealing device;



Low consumption and high output

Low energy consumption, high output, stable performance, wide application range; simple operation, convenient and reliable, improve equipment operation rate and increase production capacity.



working principle

The material is calcined from the kiln tail (the high end of the cylinder) into the kiln. Due to the inclination of the cylinder and the slow rotation, the material is tumbling in the circumferential direction and moving axially (from the high end to the low end), and the process of decomposition and firing in the kiln undergoes physical and chemical changes, and finally, Exhausted through the kiln head cover. The fuel is injected into the kiln from the kiln head, and the exhaust gas generated by the combustion is exchanged with the material and then exported from the kiln tail.



Product atlas



Technical Parameters

Product specifications Kiln size Yield Rotating speed Motor Power total weight 备注
diameter(m) length(m) Slope(%) (t/h) (r/min) (kw) (t)  
Φ2.2×50 2.2 50 3.5 4 0.125-1.25 30 130.71  
Φ2.5×50 2.5 50 3.5 5.5 0.5-1.55 55 154.9  
Φ3.0×48 3 48 3.5 35 0.5-1.8 75 249.5  
Φ3.2×50 3.2 50 3.5 50 0.4-3.97 190 263  
Φ3.3×52 3.3 52 3.5 50 0.4-3.98 190 280.8  
Φ4×60 4 60 3.5 104 0.4-3.96 315 487.5  
Φ4.2×60 4.2 60 3.5 116 0.42-4.2 420 576.1  
Φ4.8×74 4.8 74 4 208 0.35-4 630 841