Production Strength

Production strength

Registered capital: 30 million yuan

It has cast steel branch and Rilong vanadium titanium branch

Occupying 30000 square meters of land

More than 100 sets of mechanical processing equipment

Establish an industry research and development base to achieve scientific and technological innovation productivity

1000 square meters of experimental space in the technical center

More than 40 sets of experimental equipment in the technical center

Approved as a high-tech enterprise in Liaoning Province in 2017

In 2020, it was again approved as a high-tech enterprise in Liaoning Province

Excellent R&D and innovation team

Cooperate with multiple universities such as Northeast University, Dalian University of Technology, and Shenyang University of Chemical Technology, with over 30 engineering and technical personnel of various types

Among them, one part-time professor and doctoral supervisor from Northeast University was hired from outside,

2 associate professors, 2 doctors, and 2 senior engineers

Professional and complete technical services

Organize basketball games, hot spring vacations, fun sports meetings, speech competitions, and other activities to enrich the amateur cultural life of employees