Service System

Service Purpose
We adhere to the principle that product quality is the life of the enterprise, take "creating excellent quality and service for the enterprise, winning the long-term trust and satisfaction of users" as the quality policy, take "taking morality as the foundation, establishing a business with integrity" as the quality, and take "mutual benefit and mutual prosperity, cooperation and win-win" as the goal, with the position integrity management system as the characteristic, focusing on the corporate culture, which condenses a strong spiritual force for the sustainable development of the enterprise. We regard quality as our life and service as our soul. We will continue to optimize product services driven by customer needs.


Product Services
Service Service Service Service
The After Sales Service Department always takes the customer's requirements as the starting point and end point of its work, and adheres to providing customers with a full range of services from equipment selection to installation and commissioning, personnel training, technical support, and equipment maintenance, adhering to the service principle of on-site problem solving.
Before signing the contract, confirm the customer's requirements, recommend the most suitable equipment for the customer, and try to save costs for the customer. Design and manufacture products according to the specific requirements of customers, and carry out technical transformation on the products.


After signing the contract, the company will select strictly trained technical personnel to inspect the customer's production site, assist the customer in planning and designing the site, and the technical department will prepare installation foundation drawings to provide full service for the entire project.


The company provides free training for technical personnel to enable customers to master the use, maintenance, and simple repair techniques of equipment. In the event of equipment failure during the production process, the company must come up with a clear solution within 24 hours after receiving the customer's call, and will quickly resolve the problem with the attitude of first resuming production and then implementing responsibilities.



Service Commitment

Ensure to provide users with good pre and post sales services, introduce product performance and usage requirements before ordering, provide relevant information, and serve as a good advisor for users.

Provide targeted technical training based on user conditions, conduct regular return visits to users, track product quality, and timely improve and improve product quality based on user needs.

Ensure the fulfillment of the "three guarantees" for the product. If the product is indeed a quality problem during the "three guarantees" period, the provisions stipulated in the contract shall be strictly implemented to compensate for the liability.

For products that exceed the "three guarantees" period, it is guaranteed to provide maintenance accessories and provide maintenance services according to user needs. The vulnerable parts of the product are provided at a factory price discount.

After receiving a notice from the user requesting that the product be resolved in use, the company will make a preliminary response within 1 hour, and major issues will arrive at the site within 24 hours.

Service Service Service
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