Measures to improve the efficiency of vibrating screen

Several measures to effectively improve the work efficiency of vibrating screen
1 Select an appropriate shaker type
Although the screening effect mainly depends on the nature of the material to be screened, but the same material using different types of screening equipment can get different screening effects. Such as fixed screen screening efficiency is low, for motion screen, its screening efficiency and the form of motion of the screen surface, on the vibrating screen screen surface, particles on the screen surface close to the direction of the vertical sieve is shaken, the higher the vibration frequency, the better the screening effect; On the shaking screen surface, the particles are mainly sliding along the screen surface, because the shaking frequency of the shaking screen is lower than the frequency of the vibrating screen, so the screening effect of the shaking screen is poor; Cylinder screen because the screen surface is easy to block, so the screening efficiency is low. Therefore, according to the nature of the material, reasonable selection of vibrating screen type, in order to maximize efficiency.
In order to improve the work efficiency of vibrating screen, according to the actual situation, under the premise of meeting the requirements of product particle size, as far as possible to choose the larger screen size, larger effective screening area, higher non-metallic screen surface rate, and select the appropriate shape of the screen, in order to improve the material particles through the screening ability and work efficiency.
2. Reasonable selection of vibration motor and adjustment of vibration force
The reasonable selection of vibrating motor is one of the key factors affecting the screening performance, and the excitation force is the main factor affecting the screening productivity.
1) Selection of vibrating motor
Vibration motor as vibration source of vibrating screen, should have the advantages of reasonable design, simple structure, compact, high vibration efficiency, energy saving, convenient installation and debugging. The selection of vibration motor should select the working frequency, maximum vibration force, power, etc. The speed of the vibration motor should be close to the working frequency; The maximum excitation force must be within the range of the selected motor synthesis excitation force; Then select the power of vibration motor according to the selection of working frequency and maximum vibration force.
2) Adjustment of exciting force
There is an exponential relationship between the productivity of vibrating screen and the exciting force. The increase of the exciting force causes the rapid increase of productivity, and the blocking rate decreases rapidly with the increase of the exciting force. The increase of exciting force makes the vibration strength increase, the force of the screen facing the material increases, the upward movement of the material increases, the productivity can be improved, and the blocking rate decreases. The exciting force also has a certain effect on the passing rate and the crushing rate of the sieve, and its change law is wavy. When the excitation force is too small, the effect of passing rate and crushing rate is poor. When the vibration force is too large, it will increase the friction of the eccentric block at both ends of the rotating shaft of the vibration motor. In the case of high-speed rotation, it is easy to damage the motor and reduce the service life of the motor, so it is very important to adjust the size of the vibration force reasonably. The exciting force of vibrating motor is the centrifugal inertia force generated by the eccentric block rotating at high speed. Change the eccentricity, so as to change the amplitude of the excitation force, can achieve the role of adjusting the excitation force.
3. Improve the motion mode of the screen surface
The motion mode of the screen surface has a great influence on the efficiency of the vibrating screen. The ideal motion mode of screen surface is:
1) The vertical amplitude of the material end of the screen surface should be greater than the vertical amplitude of the material end. This is because the material end has a large vertical amplitude can make the end of the thicker material effective layering, at the same time with the Angle, the end of the excess material spread rapidly to the middle of the screen surface spread, so that the fine material in the relatively thin material layer layering through the screen, thereby improving the actual use efficiency of the screen surface; When the material reaches the end of the discharge, the material has been divided into layers, then only need a small vertical amplitude to ensure that the fine particle material has a good screening condition, too large vertical amplitude instead of disrupting the fine particle material screening environment.
2) Along the length of the screen surface, starting from the end of the material, the material movement speed should be decreasing. This is because of the decreasing speed of the material movement, can make the material layer in the whole screen surface to maintain a certain thickness, so that the fine material in a relatively longer range of the screen surface layering through the screen, increase the actual use of the screen area, at the same time, the screen surface along the long direction of the screen volume tends to be uniform, give full play to the potential of the screen surface through the screen.
In recent years, the development of the equal thickness screen and double frequency vibrating screen, overcome the ordinary vibrating screen amplitude of the whole screen surface for constant value and the shortcomings of low unit penetration capacity, so that the feeding end has a larger amplitude, discharge end with the same amplitude and ordinary vibrating screen, thereby improving the efficiency of work. Recently, some scholars through the transformation of circular vibrating screen or linear vibrating screen, obtained a new type of vibrating screen - complex motion trajectory vibrating screen, it has simple structure, less power consumption, high work efficiency. The screen in the human material end screen surface circular motion, the central screen surface for elliptical motion, and in the discharge end for approximate straight arc motion, and along the long direction of the screen surface motion track is changing point by point, along the long direction of the screen material motion speed is decreasing. It not only improves screening efficiency and working efficiency, but also reduces production cost. It is an ideal way of screen surface movement.
4 Use non-metallic material screen
Using thin elastic screen as screen base, it is very beneficial to improve the efficiency of vibrating screen. The screen is generally made of rubber or polyurethane material processing, it can reduce the adhesion between the screen surface and the material being screened, so that the material produces two high frequency vibration, avoid the sieve hole plugging, enhance the permeability of the material, and can alleviate the mechanical effect of the screen surface of the material being screened, than the steel wire screen can withstand greater amplitude vibration. Non-metallic screen has the following advantages:
1) Improve screening efficiency. It is about 20% more efficient than metal screen.
2) Good wear resistance and long service life. On average, it lasts more than 25 times longer than a metal screen.
3) Reduce installation time. The service life of non-metallic screen is greatly extended, reducing the replacement times of the screen surface, and the operating rate of metal screen equipment can generally be increased by 15%.
4) Reduce noise and improve operating environment. Metal screen in the work in addition to resonance with the screen box, the mesh also produces some vibration, wear this phenomenon is more obvious, coupled with the material on the surface of the box steel collision and other parts of the vibration, the noise is higher, non-metallic material screen screen plate as A whole, has a certain buffer effect, can reduce the noise 20dB(A) or so.
5 Adopt multiple feeding mode
Ordinary vibrating screen is all the way to feed, material to the screen surface, less than the separation of most of the material in the feeding end, quickly through the sieve into the screen products, and from the discharge end of l / 3-1/2 screen surface, in addition to continue to play a certain role in screening, mainly plays the role of transportation, so the utilization rate of the screen surface is not high. If the use of multiple feeding, equivalent to increase the width of the screen surface, reduce the thickness of the material layer to the screen surface, is conducive to the fine grain material soon contact the screen surface through the sieve hole, at the same time can make full use of the screen surface, reduce coarse particles unnecessary transportation distance, so as to improve the work efficiency.
6 Strengthen operation management
Correct operation and careful maintenance is also an effective way to improve the performance of the shaker. Vibrating screen work, the feeding requirements of uniform, continuous and appropriate, to ensure that the material along the width of the entire screen surface evenly distributed, in order to facilitate the fine particles through the screen, so as to obtain higher processing capacity and screening efficiency. In addition, it is necessary to strengthen the maintenance and maintenance of the screen machine, timely cleaning screen surface and repair, replace the damaged screen surface, to ensure the good condition of the equipment.以上翻译结果来自有道神经网络翻译(YNMT)· 通用场景

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