The main factors affecting the operation of concentrator

Concentrator is one of the most important equipment in mineral processing equipment at present. The working quality of the equipment directly affects the degree of pulp enrichment. At present, we commonly use precipitation concentration method.
Precipitation concentration is a dewatering process in which mineral particles are deposited from pulp by their own gravity. In the process of precipitation, the ore particles abide by the law of solid movement in the medium and settlement, a very short period of time at the beginning of settlement, the ore particles are accelerated downward settlement, and then due to the resistance of the medium gradually balance with the gravity of the ore particles, the ore particles are gradually moving at a constant speed, the speed is called the final velocity of settlement. In the pulp, the size of the ore particle group is not consistent, and the purpose of settlement is to hope that all the ore particles settle down to obtain the clarified liquid, so the final settlement velocity of the ore particle must be calculated in accordance with the final settlement velocity of the smallest particle. The velocity is called the final velocity of settling. In the pulp, the size of the ore particle group is not consistent. It can be seen from the above equation that the particle size has the greatest influence on the final settlement velocity, because the square of the particle size is proportional, so the finer the ore particle, the slower the settlement velocity. Therefore, in the sedimentation process, the most difficult to settle is the fine slime, the more mud in the slurry, the more difficult to clarify, often in the slurry suspension state, the main reason is that there are two electric layers on the surface of the fine slime, with same-sex charges, mutual repulsion. As a result of Brownian motion, the micrograined slurry tends to be balanced. In production practice, in order to accelerate the settlement of fine ore particles, some kind of coagulate bud can be added to the pulp to improve the precipitation and concentration effect of fine ore particles.
Slurry viscosity also obviously affects the settling velocity of particles. It can be seen from the above that it is inversely proportional to Lu. The viscosity of pulp decreases with the increase of temperature. Therefore, the slurry is heated to accelerate the settlement of fine particles. However, heating pulp consumes energy, so the economic effect should be considered when it is used in production.
In addition, the lower the pulp concentration, the smaller the density of the medium, the smaller the interaction between particle groups is also small, so it is conducive to the sedimentation of particles. It can be seen that the lower the pulp concentration, the more conducive to settlement.

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