Coarse crusher selection principle

The coarse crusher of metal mine concentrator generally adopts jaw crusher or gyratory crusher. In some non-metallic mines and cement industry, when dealing with soft or medium hard ore, the hammer crusher or impact crusher can also be used.
The crushing equipment selected must be able to feed the largest block in the feed, therefore, the width of the crusher feed port should be 1.2 times the size of the largest block.
In the design of large and medium concentrator, before determining the choice of jaw crusher or rotary crusher, it is generally selected from the aspects of equipment installation power, equipment weight, capital construction investment, production and operation management fee, equipment configuration and advantages and disadvantages of process operation through technical and economic comparison.
In the design of medium and small concentrator, in order to adapt to the characteristics of large ore block size, it is necessary to use a coarse crusher which is suitable for the size of ore block.
When choosing the crude crusher located in the mine pit, the special underground crusher which can be disintegrated and hoisted should be considered. The crusher located in the open pit can be semi-mobile or mobile crusher.
Jaw crusher has the advantages of simple structure, light weight, relatively low price, easy maintenance and transportation, small appearance height, the need for small plant height, in terms of technology, reliable work, convenient adjustment of discharge port, crushing wet ore and ore containing more clay is not easy to plug. Disadvantages: lining plate is easy to wear, processing capacity is lower than rotary crusher, broken product particle size is not uniform. When the ore is too large, it is required to feed the ore evenly, and it is necessary to set up the ore feeding equipment. In recent years, many domestic manufacturers have developed and produced a series of new big crushing bee-jaw crusher, which has greatly improved its performance. In particular, the small and medium jaw crusher is more prominent, so full attention should be paid to the selection.
Gyratory crusher is a kind of equipment with high crushing capacity, which is mainly used for crushing hard ore in large and medium concentrator. Compared with jaw crusher, the advantages are: less power consumption; It can continuously break ore with large processing capacity. Under the same feeding and discharging conditions, the processing capacity of the rotary crusher is 2.5 ~ 3 times that of the jaw crusher. The wear distribution of the lining plate of crushing chamber is uniform; The broken product is too small, the particle size is uniform; When the mining conditions are more suitable, you can "fill the mine", do not need to give mining equipment. Disadvantages are: complex equipment structure; High fuselage, large weight, requires a solid foundation, increase the height of the workshop. So it is usually used in large concentrator, large cement plant.

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