Method of scraping and clearance adjustment for jaw crusher

One. Demolition of jaw crusher old watt hour should do the work:
(1) Measure the thickness of the old bushing joint surface tile gasket.
(2) Measure the levelness of the spindle.
(3) Carefully check whether the spindle is smooth, whether there is rust, bruising and other defects, if there should try to eliminate.
(4) Measure the top clearance, side clearance and axial clearance of the old bearing bush.
Two. Test jaw crusher tile back and bearing seat contact: According to the requirements of "JB/T5000.10-1998 heavy machinery general technical conditions assembly", the tile back must be scraping well, so that it can meet the specified technical requirements, otherwise, the bearing bush and bearing seat between the operation of the equipment is easy to produce reverse slip or rotation, in order to prevent this phenomenon, generally used pin, sleeve positioning way.
Iii. Technical requirements for shaft scraping: According to the requirements of JB/T5000.10-1998 Assembly of General Technical Conditions for Heavy Machinery, spindle scraping shall meet the following technical standards.
(1) The spindle and bearing bush should be in uniform and fine contact, and there should be a certain coordination gap, so that the upper and lower bearing bush and the spindle contact Angle outside the part of the formation of oil wedge, and the wedge from the tile mouth gradually transition from the maximum to zero.
(2) The contact Angle can not be too large or too small, the contact Angle is too small, will make the bearing pressure increase, serious will make the bearing bush produce large deformation, accelerate wear, shorten the service life, the contact Angle is too large, will affect the formation of the oil film, destroy the lubrication effect, so under the premise of not affecting the bearing bush compression conditions, the smaller the contact Angle the better.
(3) The more actual contact spots in the range of contact Angle, the finer and more uniform the better.
Four. Scraping spindle tile: Scraping and grinding bearing bush should be based on the shaft, both of them use the internal hole scraper to scrape after research, scraping tile procedure is first scraping tile, then scraping tile, and then fine scraping the whole tile, and finally scraping side gap and oil point, scraping and grinding of bearing bush generally can be divided into three processes: rough scraping, fine scraping and fine scraping, scraping should adopt the principle of taking the first heavy after light, scraping heavy leave light, scraping large leave small, when scraping the bearing bush, Not only make the contact point, contact Angle meet the technical requirements, but also make the top, side clearance to reach the specified value.
(4) Rough and fine scraping of upper and lower tiles: First of all, the two lower tile installed in the bearing seat, and then on the main shaft coated with a layer of display agent (such as red red powder, red oil, etc.), the main shaft installed in the bearing, and rotate two or three circles in the positive and negative direction, then take out the main shaft, according to the distribution of coloring points on the bearing for rough scraping, rough scraping stage can be used in front of the Angle scraping, the first few times the hand can be heavier, more to scrape some metal, In order to speed up the scraping progress, when the contact area reaches 50%, it is the fine scraping, in the fine scraping stage can use a small front Angle scraping, the blade should be 45° Angle with the center line of the bearing bush, scraping can not be too strong to prevent the blade from producing ripples, scraping the blade to cross around, until the contact Angle within the range of the contact spots uniform. Until the levelness error of the crusher spindle is between 0.2mm/m, the scraping method and requirements for the thickness of the upper shingle are basically the same as those for the thickness and fine scraping of the lower shingle, but the difference is that the upper shingle is placed above the spindle for grinding.
(5) fine scraping of upper and lower tiles: The upper and lower tiles are rough and fine scraping, the contact spot is still large, need to further finishing, first in the upper and lower tile joint surface plus tile gasket, the main shaft, the upper tile, the positioning pin is installed, tighten the screws, make the main shaft according to the normal direction of operation for several turns, then remove the upper tile, lift the main shaft, finishing work, scraping, it is best to use the negative front Angle scraping, Until the contact spots on the contact surface meet the technical requirements.
(6) Scraping side clearance and oil storage point: After finishing scraping, side clearance and oil storage point should be scraped, scraping crusher side clearance, both ends should be set aside to prevent oil from flowing from both sides of the tile, so as to ensure the lubrication of the bearing bush, between the contact part and the contact part of the tile, should make it gradually transition, not allowed to have obvious boundaries, and then in the contact arc surface of the bearing bush scraping oil point, oil storage point is used to store lubricating oil, The oil storage point can be circular or flat shape, the depth is generally 0.3 ~ 0.5mm, the area is 15 ~ 30mm2, the total area should not exceed the scraping oil point on the contact arc surface, the oil storage point is used to store lubricating oil, the oil storage point can be circular or flat shape, the depth is generally 0.3 ~ 0.5mm, the area is 15 ~ 30mm2, The total area should not exceed 1/5 of the contact arc.
Five. Bearing gap measurement and adjustment method: bearing gap determines the thickness of the oil wedge, and affects the spindle operation accuracy, bearing gap too large assembly cause equipment vibration, reduce the equipment life, bearing gap is too small and will lead to burning tile, so the reasonable adjustment of bearing gap is an important issue, must make it reach the specified standards.
(1) The top clearance C adjustment and measurement method: the height of the top clearance can be adjusted by increasing or decreasing the thickness of the bushing gasket at the joint surface of the bushing, the less the number of gaskets, the better the compaction of the bushing, the more stable the operation of the equipment, so in order to ensure that there is no burning tile, the less the better the gasket, the measurement method of the top clearance is usually used to measure the lead pressure method.
(2) Adjustment and measurement method of side clearance: the side clearance between the bearing bush and the journal is usually measured by the feeler ruler. When measuring the length of the feeler inserted into the gap should not be less than 1/4 of the shaft diameter, and the side clearance of the bearing bush joint surface should be uniform and equal.
(3) Measurement method of axial clearance: axial clearance of bearing bush is generally measured with feeler ruler.


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