Bucket elevator appears the problem of excessive return material

Elevator return refers to the material in the unloading position is not completely unloaded out of the machine, and some materials back to the elevator seat phenomenon. In the lifting operation, if the hoist back too much, is bound to reduce the production efficiency, increase the power consumption and material crushing rate. There are the following reasons for more material return:
Hopper running speed too fast lifting machine to lift different materials, hopper running speed is different: generally lifting dry powder and grain, the speed is about 1~2m/s; When lifting block materials, the speed is 0.4~0.6m/s; When lifting the wet powder and grain, the speed is 0.6~0.8m/s. If the speed is too large, the discharge will be advanced, resulting in the return of the material. At this time, the speed of the hopper should be reduced appropriately according to the lifting of the material to avoid refeeding.
The discharging tongue plate of the nose outlet is not properly installed, and the tongue plate is too far away from the discharging position of the hopper, which will cause the recharging. The position of the tongue plate should be adjusted in time to avoid backfeeding.
Solve the problem of return material, elevator can be in accordance with the pre-designed production capacity of production!

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