Filter device selection principle

The selection principle of filter equipment is as follows:
(1) When the material or water that is easy to filter is not strictly required (about 12%), the vacuum continuous filter should be preferred, because it is light, low cost and easy to operate and maintain.
(2) When the solid content of the filter slurry is small and the water requirement of the filter cake is not strict, the ordinary frame filter press can be used (a few hours unloading - blowing once).
(3) For the large amount of difficult filter materials, the filter cake moisture is less than 10%, can be used vertical or horizontal diaphragm extrusion blower frame automatic filter press, the structure of the machine is more complex, and must have a reliable program control device, at home and abroad to remove the drying operation is preferred. Such equipment is expensive and complex to maintain, but it makes sense on aggregate economic indicators because it eliminates drying operations.
Vertical filter press (filter frame and the ground is set horizontally), used at home and abroad for heavy non-ferrous metal (material distribution in the frame is uniform). Horizontal filter press (filter frame is set vertically with the ground), mainly used for chemical industry and other lighter density materials.
(4) The horizontal belt vacuum filter is mostly used in the occasions where there is ore washing. It has the advantages of forming filter cake, washing ore and drying within a cycle, which can be adjusted steplatefully according to the technological requirements. In recent years, foreign concentrators have also been used for tailing filtration (cemented filling).


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