Rules for installation and operation of ball mill series beneficiation equipment

Whether the ball mill working process is high efficiency and low fault, not only depends on the quality of the ball mill, in many cases, also depends on the installation environment and installation quality of the ball mill. The operation of all types of ball mills is not different in the installation process. In order to ensure that the ball mill can work smoothly and no bad conditions occur in the process of machine operation, attention should be paid to the construction of its installation base. Generally, we need to install the ball mill on a reinforced concrete base 2.5 to 3 times its weight or more. The base should also be built in a safe, stable and sturdy place. Keep a certain distance from the plant.
Installation process of ball mill:
First, install the main bearing. In order to avoid aggravating the wear of the shoulder and bearing lining of the hollow journal, the elevation difference of the base plate of the two main bearings should not exceed the due range within each meter length.
Second, to install the cylinder of the ball mill, the whole pre-assembled simplified part can be directly installed or installed in several parts according to the actual situation, and the journal and center line of the ball mill should be checked and adjusted, and the concentric error must be guaranteed within the specified range per meter length. Finally, install the transmission parts (pinion, uranium, coupling, reducer, motor, etc.). During the installation process, it should be measured and adjusted according to the product technical standards. Check the radial swing difference of gear ring and the meshing performance of pinion; Reducer and pinion concentricity; And the concentricity of the motor and the reducer. When all the installation is in line with the requirements, the final watering of foundation bolts and main bearing bottom plate can be carried out to complete the installation process of the ball mill.
Ii. Operation and maintenance
The operation of a machine, like the work of a man, requires the normal operation of all links. If there is a problem in any link, the machine will stop working. In order to make the ball mill running rate high, grinding effect good, must strictly abide by the operation and maintenance rules. Before starting the ball mill, check whether the connecting bolts are tightened; Gear, coupling, etc., key and feeder spoon head fixation condition.
Check whether the oil in the tank and reducer is enough, whether the whole lubricating device and instrument is faulty, and whether the pipeline is smooth. Check whether there is any debris around the ball mill and classifier that hinders the operation, and then turn the ball mill around with the crane disc to loosen the ball charge and ore in the cylinder, and check the meshing between the tooth ring and the pinion, whether there is any abnormal sound. The starting sequence is to start the lubricating oil pump of the ball mill, then start the ball mill, and then start the classifier. When everything is in order, we can start painting the mine.
In the running process of the machine, more attention should be paid to the bearing temperature, which should not exceed 50 ~ 65°C. Always pay attention to motor, voltage, current, temperature, sound and so on. Always pay attention to the lubrication system, the oil in the tank should not exceed 35 ~ 40°c, the pressure to the tubing should be maintained at 1.5 ~ 2.0 kg/cm 2. Check the lubrication of the transmission parts such as the big and small gears, the main bearing, the reducer of the classifier, and pay attention to observe whether the front and rear end covers of the ball mill, the simplified body, the ore discharge box, the classifier overflow groove and the sand return groove are blocked and the sand leaks. Always pay attention to the change of ore properties, and take appropriate measures in time according to the situation.
When stopping the ball mill, stop the feeding machine first, stop the motor of the ball mill and stop the oil pump finally after the ore in the simplified system is processed. The screw is lifted out of the sand surface by the lifting device of the classifier, and then the classifier is stopped.
As a member of mining machinery and equipment, ball mill plays a great role in mine construction. In use, attention should be paid to maintenance so that it can be used for a longer time and save some expenses for enterprises.


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