Tailings enrichment facility

The concentration of tailings pulp discharged from ferrous metal and non-ferrous metal gravity processing is generally low. In order to save the consumption of fresh water, reduce the investment and operating costs of water supply and tailings transport facilities of the beneficiation plant, enrichment ponds are often built in front of the plant to recover tailings water for recycling in beneficiation production.
Mechanical enrichment tank, inclined plate (inclined tube) enrichment tank and flow sedimentation tank are usually used for tailings enrichment.
First, mechanical enrichment pool
Its characteristics are that although it covers a large area, but the operation and management is simple, reliable production, mud discharge effect is good, can be used for all kinds of tailings enrichment, so it is used more.
The specifications of the enrichment pool should be selected according to the type of product, so that the effective area, the depth of the pool and the load capacity of the mud raking equipment should meet the design requirements. The number of enrichment pools should be considered in conjunction with the plant selection series, and generally should not be less than two. When two or more enrichment pools are used, their models and specifications should be consistent.
The concentrator has two modes of peripheral drive and center drive.
(1) Peripheral drive thickener
Thickeners with large diameters all adopt peripheral drive type, whose structure is shown in Figure 1. The pool is made of concrete, with a reinforced concrete pillar in the center to support one end of the rake mechanism and the pulp trough. The other end of the rake mechanism is supported on the annular rail around the pool by means of a driving trolley. In order to enhance the traction force and prevent the trolley wheel from slipping, an annular rack parallel to the outer edge of the annular rail is added. A gear is added to the small wheel to engage the ring-rack. The drive car is equipped with a motor, speed, small wheels and gears and other transmission components. This drives the entire rake mechanism in the pool movement.
The traditional concentrator is equipped with a large belly device, which is usually equipped with overload relay to protect the motor. The method of eliminating rake load is generally to accelerate discharge and flush the discharge port with high pressure water. The power supply of the motor adopts slip ring collector contact device.
The pulp flows into the central pulp inlet cylinder along the pulp trough, and precipitates in the pool. The sediment is discharged from the discharge port (usually 2 ~ 4) distributed along the periphery of the central pillar and equipped with an iron funnel. The clarified overflow flows from the annular overflow groove around the perimeter.
(2) Center drive thickener
Central-drive thickeners are mostly medium and small, and their structures are shown in Figure 2. It is composed of a pool, a rake and a transmission mechanism. The pool is round, the bottom into a conical funnel shape, and the horizontal plane into about 6 ~ 10 degrees of inclination. A conical discharge port is opened in the center of the bottom of the pool. Pools are usually made of concrete, and smaller pools can also be welded with steel plates. A rake mechanism is suspended on the central vertical axis of the pool. The rake mechanism is composed of harrow arm, harrow tooth and reinforcement rod. The two pairs of harrow arm are perpendicular to each other into a cross shape. The rake is mounted on the rake arm at an Angle of approximately 30 degrees. The vertical shaft is driven by the worm gear drive mechanism, and drives the whole rake mechanism to rotate in the pool, and the concentrated product is raked to the discharge port in the middle. The vertical shaft is provided with a lifting device composed of hand wheel and clutch, so that the rake can be lifted when overloaded or stopped for maintenance, and it can be used to adjust the height of the rake at ordinary times. A circular feeding cylinder is installed in the center of the upper part of the pool, and the pulp is introduced into the feeding cylinder by the pipeline into the concentrator for enrichment and precipitation. The overflow water is discharged from the annular overflow trough around the pool.
2. Inclined plate (inclined tube) enrichment pool
It is characterized by high efficiency, can greatly reduce the area, suitable for fine tailings enrichment, but maintenance and overhaul trouble. The self-discharging inclined plate (inclined tube) thickening pool relies on gravity for continuous ore discharge, which has poor sludge discharge effect and is difficult to control the concentration of ore discharge. However, mechanical sludge discharge device can be avoided.
Three, flat flow sedimentation tank
It is characterized by the combination of gravity continuous sludge discharge and water gun washing regularly, the effect is poor, the cleaning pool workload is large, but there is no mechanical mud rake device. This can save steel and investment, only suitable for small concentrator processing more homogeneous fine tailings.
With the progress of science and technology, new equipment is constantly emerging. In addition to the above-mentioned thickening methods, tilted plate thickener, hydrocyclone and high-efficiency thickener have been applied to tailings thickening.

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