Progress and trend of mining method in underground mine

I. Review of mining technology progress
1. High-efficiency mining technology of large-spacing centralized pillar-less mining
The characteristics of large-spacing centralized pillar-less efficient mining technology are as follows: (1) Easy to popularize and apply in time; (2) The large spacing mining structure can greatly reduce the mining quantity and mining cost; (3) The ground pressure of stope is improved; (4) The structural parameters adopted are more suitable for the mining of gently inclined orebody than those of high sublevel.
2. No waste mining technology in underground metal mines
Tailings disposal methods mainly include: (1) no waste mining technology - tailings used as goaf filling; ② deep sea discharge of tailings; ③ Several tailings disposal methods such as discharging tailings from open pit are used.
Full tailing filling technology, high concentration tailing preparation and transportation technology, mining method and technology.
3. Comprehensive technology of mine waste spatial treatment and disposal
4. Mining ground pressure monitoring and control technology
It mainly includes mining ground pressure monitoring and control, surface rock stability monitoring and control, underground engineering reinforcement, mine water disaster control and so on.
5. Smooth transition from open-pit to underground mining and joint mining technology
6. Combined mining technology for underground metal mines
7. Mining technology of gently inclined thin to medium thick ore bodies in underground mines
8. Mining technology of underground precious metal mines
Second, the development trend of domestic mining technology
1. Solve technical problems in mining deposits with complex conditions, and gradually popularize and apply them in related mines.
2. It is an urgent requirement for mine development to research and develop a set of comprehensive mining technologies for deep deposits.
3. With the gradual increase of mining depth, the need to improve the ore recovery rate and protect the ecological environment, the application proportion of backfill mining method will increase and develop towards the direction of high efficiency and waste free.
4. Caving mining will become more perfect and mature, and its application will continue to expand.
5. With the continuous development of mining technology, large-scale underground mining will develop in the direction of trackless, large-scale and continuous mining.
6. Technical problems related to digital mine construction will be gradually solved.
Third, the development direction of domestic mining technology
1. Research on comprehensive mining technology of Huda Quaternary quicksand aquifer and large water deposit
2. Research on comprehensive mining technology of soft and broken ore deposit
3. Research on comprehensive mining technology of underground residual ore body
4. Research on comprehensive mining technology of deep deposit
5. Continue to carry out research on non-waste (less waste) mining technology in underground metal mines
6. Research on tailings pond reconstruction technology in underground space
7. Research on digital mine comprehensive technology
8. Research on comprehensive technology of Safe Mining of extremely lean ore body

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