Effective maintenance of vibrating screen

The screen of the vibrating screen wears too fast. How to maintain it? Or how can we extend the life of the screen?
There are many main reasons for fast damage of vibrating screen, screen quality unqualified, screen tension, vibration motor steering error, clay accumulation, these will cause too fast damage of vibrating screen.
How should we avoid these problems and make adjustments in time? Screen tension is not strong enough to cause screen vibration, which is usually along the edge of the screen or the edge of the strip at the break or damage; Screen quality is not qualified, the screen generally has the upper layer of the screen layering and the lower force layer, the two layers between the closely fit, if the screen pre-tensioned process is poor, when the bottom of the stress layer of the screen is taut, the screen layering is not tensioned, the throwing force of drilling chips is greatly reduced, can not discharge drilling chips.
Therefore, when we choose products, we must recognize specially designed manufacturers, so that the products made by manufacturers can be guaranteed. Vibration motor steering error; Debugging vibration motor steering, the field operator according to the previous experience of single shaft vibrating screen or linear vibrating screen, that as long as the cuttings go forward, but this method is not suitable for flat elliptical vibrating screen. If the motor is wrong to rotate to the inside, the throwing Angle is also forward, but the cuttings have backward rolling force, then the cuttings forward migration speed is much slower, stay on the screen for a long time, and even lead to the cuttings can not be discharged.
How to effectively solve these problems. When the screen box is running, press the stop button of the electric control box, at this time the vibrating screen will slowly stop, observe the small point on the side plate when the vibrating screen is running to form an elliptical trajectory, rolling to the sand outlet for correct steering; Remove the vibrator shield and check whether the eccentric blocks rotate outwards. Replace any 2 phase lines in the electric control box into the power supply, sprinkle some sand on the screen, sand faster one is the correct direction.
When the drilling cuttings accumulate on the vibrating screen and quickly damage the screen, we should: increase the amplitude of vibration; Spray water on the screen and cuttings to reduce the viscosity of the cuttings, but this method is only suitable for the occasion where water is allowed to be added; Adjusting the screen Angle down at the end of the sand discharge port is conducive to the debris discharge by gravity, but it may lead to slurry running; Replace the mesh of the screen or adjust the flow of the single screen, to ensure that the flow stop of drilling fluid close to the screen outlet, so that the drilling cuttings in the lubrication of drilling fluid smoothly discharged.
These are only part of the vibration screen too fast damage and the corresponding treatment method, in order to completely solve this problem, we need to maintain the vibration screen in the work of timely discovery of the problem and give the corresponding solution.

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