Introduction to several mining machinery

Mining machinery refers to the mechanical equipment used in the direct mining of useful minerals and mining preparation work, mainly mining metal ores and non-metallic ores mining machinery; Mining machinery for mining coal; Oil drilling machinery, etc., used to extract oil.
The first rotary sheet shearer was designed by the British engineer Walker and made in about 1868. In the 1880s, hundreds of Wells were drilled in the United States using steam-powered percussion drills. In 1907, oil and gas Wells were drilled with a cone drill, and from 1937, it was used for open-pit drilling.
Mining machinery
Mining machinery is mainly used in underground and open-pit mining machinery, including drilling machinery for drilling gun holes; Mining machinery and loading and unloading machinery for mining and rock loading; Boring machinery for drilling patio, shaft and roadway, etc.
Drilling machinery
Drilling machinery is divided into two categories of drill and drilling machine, drilling machine and open-air drilling machine and underground drilling machine. Rock drill is used in medium and hard rocks above, drilling diameter of 20 ~ 100 mm, depth within 20 meters of the machine, according to its power can be divided into pneumatic, internal combustion, hydraulic and electric rock drill, of which the wind drill is the most widely used; According to the different working mechanism of crushing mineral rock, open-air drill is divided into steel rope percussion drill, drill drill, cone drill and rotary drill, which steel rope percussion drill because of low efficiency, has been gradually replaced by other drilling RIGS.
Driving machinery is a kind of roadway forming or well forming machinery that directly breaks ore rock by rolling the rock face with the axial pressure and rotary force of the tool. The cutter is equipped with disc hob, wedge hob, ball hob and milling cutter. According to the different tunneling roadway, it can be divided into patio drilling machine, shaft drilling machine and roadway boring machine.
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