The wide application of vibration machinery in mine

Vibration machinery is widely used in all kinds of industrial and mining enterprise sectors, especially in mining and processing industries, material feeding, transportation, screening, dehydration, disintermediation and crushing, grinding and other operations, can be widely used vibration machinery. For example: vibrating feeder, vibrating conveyor, vibrating screen machine, vibrating mill and vibrating crusher.
The development and improvement of vibration machinery plays a very important role in the development of mining industry and production and processing industry. It is a very important task to develop and apply the new technology and new products of mine vibration machinery. The development of large vibration machinery needs to be further discussed in terms of structural strength, so as to improve the reliability of its operation. The research of new materials and processes, especially the application of high-performance materials, should be further strengthened to reduce the weight of vibrating machinery and improve the quality of its products.
With the improvement of environmental protection requirements, the noise reduction of vibration machinery should be studied more deeply and necessary measures should be taken to control the scope and degree of noise pollution. The mine vibration machinery should be developed to the direction of high technical benefit, high efficiency, low noise, low energy consumption, low accident and low wear.

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