Ball loading capacity of ball mill

Ball mill is one of the commonly used equipment in mineral processing equipment. The reasonable ball loading quantity of ball mill not only affects the improvement of grinding efficiency and production theory, but also relates to the service life of ball mill. Therefore, it is very important to master the reasonable and balanced ball loading of the ball mill. The following to introduce the ball mill loading volume related problems.
Ball loading quantity and output of ball mill
There is a direct relationship between the output of ball mill and the amount of ball loading. When a ball mill is working, its efficiency generally depends on the sum of the work done by each ball (number of strikes and impact force). Therefore, it is necessary to give full play to the efficiency of each ball, which is to make the ball move along different tracks (tracks), so as to avoid collision as much as possible. Too much, the steel balls overlap each other, so that part of the steel balls do not rise to the required height to fall, can not give full play to the crushing capacity of each steel ball, at the same time, increase the kinetic energy to eliminate yak. Too little, although the crushing capacity of each steel ball has been given full play, but the total crushing capacity is still limited. Therefore, the appropriate ball load must be selected.
According to the actual results of the laboratory, when the filling amount of steel balls in the cylinder is 40%, the production is the highest, and the filling rate of steel balls in the production is about 35%, that is, the volume of balls is kept lower than the horizontal center line.
How many balls is the most suitable for the ball mill?
When the speed of the ball mill is fixed, the volume of the ball only accounts for 10% of the cylinder volume of the ball mill. The movement of the ball is mainly in the form of sliding, and it is not possible for the ball to run. When the ball load gradually increases to 30 percent, the ball motion, although still dominated by sliding, has begun to produce the desired tipping. When the ball load exceeds 40 percent, the ball motion will be dominant in the form of tipping; When the amount of ball loading reaches 50% of the total capacity of the cylinder, because the surface of the ball group is just on the diameter line of the cylinder, it is easy to produce tipping. Accordingly, it is more appropriate to fill the ball volume between 1/3 and 1/2, and 1/2 is the best.
How to detect the ball mill loading is appropriate?
The so-called influence of ball loading should mainly consider the size and proportion of ball loading. As for the number of ball loading, it has been basically fixed in production. For example, the ball loading volume of the central ore type ball mill is limited by not making the ball roll out from the ball mill, and the ball loading volume of the grid type ball mill should account for about 50% of the total volume. During the test, the feeding size of the ball mill, the overflow fineness of the classifier and the sand return amount should be kept unchanged as far as possible, and then the rationality of the ball loading ratio can be checked from the following two aspects.
1. The ore feed and the overflow fineness of the classifier are unchanged, and the sand return is reduced, which means that the grinding effect of the ball mill is strengthened, and the ore feed can be increased at this time.
2, if according to the screening analysis results of the sand return classifier, it is found that the ore particles close to the overflow size increase, it indicates that the number of small balls is insufficient; On the other hand, if the coarse grain is increased, it indicates that the number of large balls is insufficient.
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