Inspection and adjustment of discharge port of jaw crusher

With the continuous wear of the crushing tooth plate, the discharge port of jaw crusher gradually increases and the particle size of the product becomes coarser. In order to balance the load of each section of the crusher reasonably and ensure the particle size requirements of the crushed products, it is necessary to measure and adjust the discharge port of the crusher regularly. According to the specific situation, measure and adjust 3 ~ 4 times a week.
Check the discharge port commonly used shot (column, block) or soap block measurement. The lead is cast into a ball or column, in order to determine the hand convenient, the iron wire cast in the ball (column) bite, in order to use the hand into the crushing chamber, to move the jaw plate on the ball (column) bite will be pulled out from the crushing chamber, with caliper measurement of the thickness of the extrusion, the thickness of the crusher mining port width. If the width of the drain port measured does not conform to the width required by the process, it should be adjusted. It must be noted that the determination of the drain should be carried out under empty load.
Jaw crusher is used to adjust the size of the discharge port. There are two kinds of adjusting devices:
1. Gasket adjustment Put a group of gaskets of the same thickness between the rear wall of the frame and the wedge iron (as shown in the following figure), and increase or decrease the thickness of the gasket layer to make the ore drain reduce or increase, so as to achieve the purpose of adjusting the ore drain. This method can be multistage adjustment, easy to operate, but must stop adjustment. Generally used for large, medium jaw crusher, simple swing jaw crusher with this adjustment device.



2. Wedge iron adjustment is realized by using wedge adjustment mechanism (as shown in the figure below). It is adjusted by means of the two wedge iron between the rear elbow bearing seat and the back wall of the frame. When the nut is screwed and the lead rod is used to make the back wedge iron rise along the back wall of the frame, the front wedge iron moves forward along the guide groove parallel to the side wall of the frame, thus pushing the elbow plate and moving jaw to move forward and reduce the ore discharge port. This method can achieve stepless adjustment. Adjustment is convenient and time saving, and do not have to stop, but the disadvantage is to increase the size and weight of the machine, and is not easy to adjust to the level, and the elbow plate, connecting rod by torsion, so this adjustment device is only suitable for small and medium-sized jaw crusher, and complex swing crusher using this adjustment device.


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