Several problems caused by rotary kiln in beneficiation production line work

Rotary kiln is also a kind of beneficiation equipment often used in most beneficiation production lines. In the process of beneficiation, the rotary kiln is used to magnetize lean iron ore, so that the original weak magnetism of the ore is changed into strong magnetism, so as to facilitate magnetic separation. According to the use of rotary kiln, several problems caused by rotary kiln in mineral processing production line were summarized.
First pitting and peeling. The wheel belt is often supported by a roller, and the contact between the roller and the wheel belt produces a large Herge stress, which is a local high stress. Under the long-term action of this pulsating stress, the wheel belt will produce fatigue pitting. After the expansion of pitting, a large area of spalling will be produced.
Secondly, spalling and crushing. The material of the wheel belt is generally carbon cast steel or 35SiMn, 42CrMnSi and other materials. Due to the casting defects, the axial hardness of the wheel belt is not uniform and the organization is inconsistent. Under high load, the organizational structure of the wheel material is loose, and the place with low hardness has crushing, rolling and collapsing. In addition, due to casting defects, resulting in subcutaneous cavity, large area of loose, sand holes, etc., will also cause spalling and indentation.
Finally it breaks. The radial or axial fracture of the wheel belt is completely disconnected, and the inner arc is changed. It is difficult to repair the site. The axial crack is not completely split, so we can find ways to repair it.


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