Molybdenum concentrate self-heating rotary kiln

Rotary kiln has large production capacity, high degree of mechanization, simple maintenance and operation, and can adapt to the sintering, roasting, volatilization, calcining, segregation and other processes of various industrial raw materials. It is widely used in metallurgy, cement, refractory materials, chemical industry and other departments. The rotary kiln is the most critical equipment in the production line of non-ferrous metal smelting and roasting. The "Guanheng" rotary kiln of Chaoyang Heavy Machinery Equipment Development Co., LTD has achieved remarkable achievements in the roasting and smelting of ferro molybdenum, ferro titanium and latro-nickel ore.
The self-heating roasting rotary kiln of molybdenum concentrate designed and developed by Chaoyang Heavy Machinery Equipment Development Co., Ltd. has won a number of national patents. In the major ferro molybdenum roasting production lines in the country, our company from design, production to installation and commissioning assembly line service, is highly recognized by users.
In order to better explore and innovate, in 2010, our company cooperated with famous universities and became the National Key Laboratory of Environmental Protection and Ecological Industry of Northeastern University, realizing "school-enterprise cooperation and industry-learning win-win", which is a highly combination of theory and practice. In 2012, it won the first prize of Science and Technology of China Nonferrous Metals Industry in the competition organized by China Nonferrous Metals Society with the project name of "Research and Development of Key Technologies of Self-heating Roasting of molybdenum Concentrate and Industrialization". This latest research project is praised by experts and scholars in the industry, saying that the smelting and roasting method of molybdenum concentrate provides a higher technical means, more consistent with the industrial environmental protection advocated by the state, and greatly reduce the cost.
The invention of self-heating calcination method and device for molybdenum concentrate is mainly applied in the field of industrial molybdenum oxide technology for producing molybdenum sulfide concentrate. In this paper, a self-heating roasting method and device for molybdenum concentrate are proposed. A rotary kiln with kiln body heat exchanger is used to roast molybdenum concentrate to produce industrial molybdenum oxide. In the roasting process, the heat released by roasting reaction of molybdenum concentrate is used to preheat the air entered by the kiln body heat exchanger. In addition, heat is added to the materials in the residual sulfur removal zone at the back of the rotary kiln, and the temperature of the high temperature zone in the middle part of the rotary kiln is reduced. After furnace opening, the roasting process of molybdenum concentrate can be completed without external heating. Molybdenum concentrate self-heating roasting device solves the problems of overheating in the main reaction period and heat shortage in the late desulphurization period of molybdenum concentrate roasting, as well as the problems of entering the cooling air of the high temperature rotary shell and discharging the hot air. The device is simple, the heat allocation is reasonable, the temperature regulation of each section in the kiln is flexible, no external heat source is needed, the product quality is high, and the output of the equipment is large.
Chaoyang Heavy Machinery Equipment Development Co., Ltd. combines theory with practice in the smelting and roasting of molybdenum concentrate, so that the molybdenum concentrate self-reaction rotary kiln device has been improved more.
The improvement of smelting and roasting method leads to the change of the rotary kiln device. The rotary kiln air supply device provides a rotary kiln air supply device which can adapt to the thermal expansion and cold contraction of the rotary kiln cylinder and the radial beating caused by the rotation of the cylinder, including the rotary kiln cylinder body, the air inlet hole arranged on the rotary kiln cylinder body, the blower and the air supply pipe connected with the blower at one end. The rotary kiln air supply device also includes an annular air supply duct connected with the other end of the air supply duct and a circular air supply duct that can be rotated relative to the rotary kiln cylinder body around the outside of the air inlet hole of the rotary kiln cylinder body, two sliding sealing rings that are sealed around the air inlet hole of the rotary kiln and both sides of the ring air supply duct and can be rotated relative to the rotary kiln cylinder body, and a retractable flexible connector that is sealed connected with the air supply duct and the sliding sealing ring on the rotary kiln cylinder body. The invention of the device can be used in molybdenum concentrate self-heating rotary kiln and other rotary kilns.
The expansion device of rotary kiln consists of an outer cylinder, an inner cylinder wall, an intermediate cylinder and an air duct. An insulation sandwich is formed between the outer cylinder and the middle cylinder, and an air duct is formed between the middle cylinder and the inner cylinder. An air inlet communicated with the air duct is arranged at the end of the cylinder body, and a support ring is arranged between the inner and outer cylinders. Enhance the welding performance of the cylinder, avoid the deformation of the cylinder, improve the service life, but also reduce the difficulty of production, convenient for on-site assembly and welding, roasting product quality and output stability.
The continuous improvement of each device makes the change of molybdenum concentrate smelting and roasting technical index reached:
1. Roasting recovery rate ≥98%
2. Output: the structure size of rotary kiln is φ1.8X28-30M, and the output can reach 8-10t/h
3. Energy consumption: Mo≥42% 0kgce/t in normal production stage,Mo≤40% properly supplement heat source
4. According to the best indicator of fuel consumption of molybdenum concentrate roasting G=278kgce/t, standard coal G=278kgce/t X 8t/d X300d=667.2t can be saved annually
In response to the national call for energy conservation and emission reduction, taste the sweetness brought by research and development innovation, and continue to move forward toward the development of people, to become the country's leading zero energy consumption smokeless emission of ferro molybdenum smelting roasting equipment production enterprises.

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