The project of transforming the production line of molybdenum smelting and roasting rotary kiln in Jinda Molybdenum Industry

1. Analysis of current production capacity
The theoretical design capacity of 2 φ1.8x30m rotary kilns of Chaoyang Jinda Molybdenum Company is 10000 tons /a:
The device model is φ1.8x30m
The known inner diameter of the equipment is 1.8m, the inner diameter of the lining firebrick is 1.5m, the length of the kiln is 30m, the residence time of the charge is 7.5 hours, the specific gravity of the charge pile is 1.6t/m3, and the filling coefficient is 0.06
Annual output =10118.4 tons
Through the analysis of the actual production situation in the past two years, there is a big gap between the actual production capacity and the theoretical calculation, and the output is quite different. According to the analysis of the actual situation, the main reasons are as follows:
1. If the filling coefficient is too large, the inner ring will be formed after the kiln body runs for a period of time, and the effective inner diameter of the cylinder will decrease.
2. The actual operation time of the equipment is inconsistent with the reality. Due to the ring formation in the kiln, the kiln needs to be stopped regularly for processing, which is basically half a month and half a month.
3. The residence time of 7.5 hours is too short, so that the burned material is unqualified, the sulfur content is too high, so the material has to be stacked in the kiln head for 1.5-1 hours, which seriously affects the output.
4, uneven material grade, the theoretical calculation of the need for roasting time and the actual production time gap is large.
5. There are differences in the operation level of workers, and the selection of equipment operation parameters is unreasonable.
Ii. Improvement plan
Combined with the actual operation situation of the rotary kiln of Jinda Molybdenum Industry and the introduction and absorption of the current advanced technology and technology to improve product quality and equipment operation rate, it is suggested to add two more self-heating roasting energy-saving rotary kilns, the model size of which is φ2x33m, through technical transformation under the premise of the original production energy permit. The rotary kiln combined with the technical update of molybdenum concentrate roasting process, according to molybdenum concentrate roasting process is an exothermic process, O2 and MoS2 chemical reaction, the main products are MoO2 and MoO3, this process releases a lot of heat energy. Through the heat exchanger set in the kiln, the replacement of hot air to redistribute heat, reasonable utilization, to achieve self-heating roasting, cancel the external heat source, thermal energy consumption is close to zero, close to zero emissions.
G = 0.785 x1.62 x0.03 x1.6 x33/8 = 0.4
Annual output =0.4x2x24x300=5760 tons
According to the above scheme, the annual output of more than 10,000 tons of molybdenum oxide can be achieved, so as to ensure the normal operation of the enterprise.

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