Titanium-iron smelting rotary kiln

Titanium is widely distributed in nature, second only to aluminum, magnesium and iron. If a certain amount of titanium is added to the steel, it can refine the grain and improve the strength and other properties of the steel. With the rapid development of metallurgical industry, the demand of high grade titanium alloy is increasing. At present, reducing titanium concentrate with aluminum is the main method to produce ferrotitanium.
Because the grade of ilmenite concentrate is low, it needs to be enriched to obtain high grade titanium-rich material - high titanium slag. In the process of thermite smelting of ferrotitanium alloy, some titanium exists in the form of cheap oxides, which is difficult to reduce. Therefore, the mixture needs to be heated in the rotary kiln after 1000℃ roasting, to ensure that its thermal effect reaches 2554-2596 kJ /kg, each heating 100℃, can improve the unit thermal effect of nearly 125KJ/kg, so that low oxides into high oxides.
Thermite smelting of ferrotitanium is to use aluminum as reducing agent, reduce TiO2 to Ti at high temperature and form high ferrotitanium with molten ferroalloy, at the same time release a lot of heat.
Traditional preheaters are bricklaying reflector furnaces. This set of equipment has the disadvantages of large fuel consumption, large labor intensity, low recovery rate, low yield, large floor space and large consumption of refractory materials.
Chaoyang Heavy Machinery Equipment Development Co., Ltd. according to the industry situation, cooperation with the relevant universities, after years of practice and exploration, developed with domestic and foreign advanced technology of titanium concentrate preheating into line technology. This production line equipment with rotary kiln as the core, from the feeding, preheating, heat source sealing, discharge, dust collection and other links to achieve excellence. Compared with traditional equipment, advantages:
1. Recovery rate ≥99% (95% in reflex furnace)
2. The thermal efficiency is increased by 28%, and the coal burning can be saved by 19-25kg per ton of titanium concentrate
3. Increase production by 33%
4. Reduced labor intensity, can save half of the labor force
5. Stable product quality
6. Low cost, the cost of titanium iron per ton is reduced by about 200-260 yuan.
In order to take a more solid step towards the new equipment technology of ferrotitanium smelting and roasting, we will never give up the development of more convenient equipment for ferrotitanium smelting and roasting.

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