Technical characteristics of internal heating energy-saving rotary kiln

The technical characteristic of the internal heating energy-saving rotary kiln is that it makes full use of the principle of self-heating reaction during the roasting process of molybdenum concentrate. A heat recovery device is set up in the rotary kiln to recover excess heat from the self-heating reaction of molybdenum concentrate, and the heat is redistributed, so that the molybdenum concentrate can carry out self-heating reaction in the process of roasting without the need of external heat source. Its purpose is: the normal production stage does not need external heat source, heat loss tends to zero. Since there is no external heat source, CO2 emission is zero. At the same time, due to the sufficient oxygen content in the roasting process, the oxidation process can be accelerated, the production capacity of the equipment is improved, and the quality of smelting calcine is improved. MoO3 can reach more than 80%, which makes the smelting effect better. Therefore, the internal heating energy-saving rotary kiln roasting molybdenum concentrate has achieved the purpose of really improving the product yield, quality, energy saving and emission reduction.

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