Working principle of drying equipment

The drying process needs to consume a lot of heat energy. In order to save energy, some materials with high moisture content, suspensions or solutions containing solid substances are generally first dehydrated by mechanical heating or evaporation, and then dried in a dryer to get dry solids.
During the drying process, the transfer of heat and mass (wet component) should be completed at the same time to ensure that the wet component steam pressure (concentration) on the surface of the material is higher than that in the external space, and the temperature of the heat source is higher than that of the material.
Heat is transferred to the wet material from the high temperature heat source in various ways, so that the wet component on the surface of the material vaporizes and escapes to the outside space, resulting in the difference in the wet content between the surface and the inside of the material. The internal wet component diffuses to the surface and vaporizes, so that the wet content of the material is constantly reduced and the overall drying of the material is gradually completed.
The drying rate of materials depends on the surface vaporization rate and the diffusion rate of internal wet content. Generally, the drying rate in the early drying stage is controlled by the surface vaporization rate. Then, as long as the external drying conditions are unchanged, the drying rate and surface temperature of the material remain stable, this stage is called constant speed drying stage; When the moisture content of the material decreases to a certain degree, the diffusion rate of the internal wet component to the surface decreases, and is less than the surface evaporation rate, the drying rate is mainly determined by the internal diffusion rate, and decreases with the decrease of the moisture content. This stage is called the deceleration drying stage.
In addition, technological progress will reverse the current domestic drying equipment export situation. At present, China has not formed the export scale of drying equipment, the export volume is less than 5% of the total, and mainly exported to Southeast Asia. But according to the authoritative forecast, with the development of technology, the proportion of China's export drying equipment will increase from 5% to 10% of the total production in the next few years, and the export market will also expand from Southeast Asia to Europe and America.

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