Vanadium extraction technology

Vanadium extraction by sodium roasting is a very mature process technology. In all domestic manufacturers, no matter what kind of vanadium containing raw materials are used to produce vanadium series products, most of them adopt this process technology (in terms of process technology, it does not belong to the innovation). But because of the roasting equipment used are rotary kiln, shaft furnace, multi-chamber furnace, reflector furnace and so on. In general, when vanadium slag and chemical waste catalyst are used as raw materials for vanadium extraction, rotary kiln is used for roasting, while stone coal containing vanadium is used for shaft furnace roasting. Rotary kiln or shaft furnace can be used for sodium roasting of vanadium titanium magnetite. Our company chooses shaft furnace for sodium roasting on the basis of small production scale, less investment, learning from the domestic production experience of shaft furnace. The main reason for not choosing rotary kiln for sodium roasting is that considering the relatively high iron composition in raw materials, there is the possibility of ring formation in the process of roasting.
As vanadium extraction by sodium roasting is a very mature traditional process technology, there is no small test and pilot test production line construction in the early stage of the company's project construction. However, in order to investigate the production status of key production equipment of the same industry, it is necessary to do small test of material ratio, roasting temperature and roasting time in the laboratory, so as to guide the production. And this work should be done frequently in the production process according to the change of materials.

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