The introduction of a new type of carbon free and energy saving rotary kiln

Carbon free and energy saving rotary kiln is an advanced technology equipment developed by engineering technology research center of our company. It is a rare metal smelting and roasting equipment of energy saving, high efficiency and environmental protection. After many research, experiment improvement, it is a new type of energy-saving roasting equipment. It has passed the appraisal of the State Key Laboratory of Environmental Protection and Ecological Engineering and the Hebei Laboratory of Metallurgical Thermal Energy of Northeastern University.
Application: ferrous molybdenum, rhenium and other non-ferrous metal smelting and roasting industry. Mainly used molybdenum disulfide roasting, valuable metal elements — Rhenium extraction and sulfur dioxide recovery in rare metal smelting process.
1. Hard gear surface reducer is adopted for transmission, and electromagnetic speed regulating motor is adopted for speed control.
2, kiln head, kiln tail, furnace end are developed by our own double flexible seal and labyrinth type heat insulation seal.
3, under the wheel belt are elastic plate, according to the temperature is different.
4. The kiln head has a temperature measuring device, and the kiln tail has a temperature measuring and oxygen measuring device.
5. Advanced heat recovery device.
6, roasting effect is good, the oven is smooth, no ring. Easy to operate and reliable to use. Stabilized the thermal system and improved the equipment operation rate.
Working principle: The heat generated by the chemical reaction of the material is recovered and then provided to the material, and the cycle is repeated again and again, so as to achieve carbon-free roasting.
In recent years, with the gradual strengthening of the national environmental supervision, and the continuous rise of energy prices, the operation cost of metallurgical enterprises has increased substantially. In order to meet the needs of the development of The Times and meet the needs of metallurgical enterprises, the technical team of Chaoyang Heavy Machinery Development Co., Ltd. has been constantly transforming the rotary kiln equipment of our company, constantly absorbing the latest foreign core technology, and constantly surpassing itself, so that the energy-saving rotary kiln produced by our company occupies the superiority both in function and technology.
Our company has developed roasting and smelting equipment of ferro molybdenum, vanadium and rhenium metals together with various research institutes and colleges, and has made remarkable achievements. Recently, our company applied for the joint research and development of energy-saving rotary kiln with Northeastern University of Shenyang. Guan Heng ” Registered trademark. In addition, the energy-saving rotary kiln has been successfully tested by a company in Luanzhou, Henan Province, and entered the formal production stage. The principle of this kind of energy-saving rotary kiln is to use the roasting reaction of molybdenum concentrate to release heat to recover heat energy and make use of it, and maintain the self-heating reaction (without external heat source) to heat roast molybdenum concentrate, so as to achieve the purpose of energy saving and emission reduction. This technology has been unanimously recognized by experts in the industry, and has achieved good economic and environmental benefits in actual operation.
Case introduction: molybdenum concentrate roasting process
At present, most domestic enterprises use reflection kiln and external heating rotary kiln for molybdenum roasting, and most foreign enterprises use multi-chamber furnace roasting, and some use internal heating rotary kiln roasting. With the development of molybdenum market, the performance of molybdenum roasting equipment directly affects the efficiency of production enterprises.
The drying and roasting equipment and process designed and manufactured by our company for molybdenum oxide production have significantly improved the technical performance and various indexes compared with the traditional roasting method.
The process is divided into: molybdenum concentrate drying system, rotary kiln roasting system, roasting tail gas purification system.
The key technologies in this system are as follows:
There are three types of roasting equipment: internal heating rotary kiln, external heating rotary kiln and energy-saving rotary kiln. Users can choose according to their own needs and investment situation.
The configuration of drying system can reduce the precipitation of acidizing materials in the kiln, uniform feed particles, so that roasting more fully.
The system adopts two-stage dust collection, which can effectively improve the recovery rate of molybdenum.
The system adopts micro negative pressure operation, no dust leakage, improve material recovery.
Core products: energy saving rotary kiln
Molybdenum concentrate oxidation roasting is an irreversible exothermic reaction, the heat released is enough to ensure the spontaneous reaction. In the normal production stage, the self-heating reaction roasting can be carried out only after starting heating to form a stable roasting temperature zone in the rotary kiln. At the same time, the external heat source is eliminated to achieve the purpose of saving heat energy. Energy-saving rotary kiln is a new type of energy-saving roasting equipment according to the characteristics of the sulfide ore roasting process can be self-heating reaction, after many production practices and continuous exploration and development, the equipment is mainly composed of kiln head, kiln tail ash box, rolling ring, retaining wheel device, cylinder and cylinder insulation, heat exchange air supply device, transmission device. It has the characteristics of low burn-up and high yield, which changes the traditional production process of sulfide ore roasting. The energy-saving rotary kiln is mainly used in the oxidation and self-heating roasting of molybdenum concentrate, zinc sulfide ore, copper sulfide ore and pyrite.
Outstanding achievements:
In 2011, it produced &phi for Jinzhou New Hualong. 1.8X28 energy-saving rotary kiln, in the whole production and installation process, we use high-quality product quality and sincere service attitude to win the user's praise and high recognition.
In 2011, it produced &phi for Chaoyang Jinda Molybdenum Industry. During installation and trial operation, the transformation of 1.8X28 energy-saving rotary kiln and one old kiln has attracted wide attention from the society, won the recognition of users, created its own market and won a good reputation.
More achievements will not be listed here. If you are interested, you are welcome to consult.

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