Large backbone enterprises of China's metallurgical and mining machinery

The large backbone enterprise of China's metallurgical and mining machinery industry is a limited liability company established after the restructuring of the former Chaozhong Group. After nearly 20 years of unremitting efforts, our company has become a large-scale and serialized production enterprise. Our products are exported to more than 100 countries and are trusted by customers.


The product covers three major business areas

Chaozhong Development Company has become a large-scale and serial production enterprise with advanced modern equipment and complete production and manufacturing system. The company's business covers three major fields: metallurgy, mining, and environmental protection, especially the design and complete equipment of rare metal metallurgical processes, the design and complete equipment of light magnesium burning processes, and the research and development of various pipe, bar, profile, and wire straightening machines. It provides customers with professional project guidance, production line design, construction, management, and operation product services.


Lean service, worry-free throughout

Service is the promise of the enterprise and the soul of the brand. Chaozhong Development Co., Ltd. innovates the "advisory" service system, and takes full consideration of customers, from initial consultation to scheme design, site visit, and later goods preparation and delivery After sales complaint feedback, etc., Chaozhong has built a complete system to effectively ensure the timely and rapid transmission of information and ensure that the right people provide our company's professional services and technical support at the right time.

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Lean service, the whole journey worry-free

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