The No. 2 rotary kiln manufactured and installed by our company for Jinda Molybdenum Industry has entered the trial production stage

According to the report of Chaoyang Jinda Group newspaper: The No. 2 rotary kiln manufactured and installed by our company for Jinda Molybdenum Industry has entered the trial production stage, and the current effect is good
The full text is as follows:
The No. 2 rotary kiln is the key project of molybdenum industry transformation. After the successful installation of the equipment, it was officially put into feed on September 8 for trial production. At present, the equipment orderly operation, and take advantage of phased results. The trial production results show that: in the production process, the 2# rotary kiln not only achieves the effect of saving energy and material, but also realizes the increase of molybdenum oxide output to a certain extent. As the new equipment is operated without coal, the labor of the operators is greatly reduced.
The successful production and orderly operation of No. 2 rotary kiln have brought the automatic production of molybdenum industry to a new level.
Introduction of molybdenum concentrate spontaneous combustion Roasting Rotary Kiln:
Energy-saving rotary kiln is our company engineering technology research center and Shenzhen Shengxinyuan Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. jointly developed with domestic leading technology, energy efficient environmental protection rare metal smelting and roasting equipment. Its working principle is based on the characteristics of spontaneous combustion exothermic reaction in the process of roasting sulfide ore. After many research and discussion, experiment improvement, continuous exploration and development, is a new energy-saving roasting equipment. It has been identified by the National Key Laboratory of Environmental Protection and Ecological Industry and metallurgical thermal energy Equipment Laboratory of Northeastern University, and is now widely used in domestic molybdenum and rhenium metal smelting and roasting industry.
The equipment is composed of kiln head, kiln tail ash box, rolling ring, bracket gear device, cylinder body and cylinder body insulation, heat exchange air supply device and transmission device. It has the characteristics of low fuel consumption and high yield. Low burnup means that the energy saving rotary kiln can stop the energy supply and combustion by spontaneous combustion reaction of the input raw materials (sulfide ore materials) after ignition to reach the normal state of combustion; High yield means that the output of energy-saving rotary kiln can be increased by more than 20% compared with the old rotary kiln. Environmental protection means that the energy-saving rotary kiln not only improves the working environment, reduces the labor intensity, but also has no pollution to the environment because there is no carbon combustion.
Through the research and experiment, the old rotary kiln can be lengthened and reformed, and can receive the same effect of energy saving and high yield. Increase production capacity to increase efficiency. The results are already on the market


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