Roasting and smelting process of titanium concentrate

Ferrotitanium is mainly used as alloy agent, deoxidizing agent and degassing agent of steel and alloy steel, casting additive and electrode coating.
In order for the smelting process of ferrotitanium to proceed normally, the thermal effect of the reaction must reach 2554-2596 kJ /kg, so that almost all of the oxides of iron are reduced by 90% silica reduction, TiO2 reduction of Ti up to 77%, Ti in slag exists in low oxides, difficult to reduce, so the mixed material must be preheated for smelting, every increase of 100℃, The unit heat effect can be improved by nearly 125KJ/kg.
Traditional preheaters are brick reflector furnace, reflector furnace is one of the traditional fire smelting equipment, but the equipment fuel consumption, low thermal efficiency, labor intensity, low output, occupy a large area, refractory consumption and other shortcomings.
In view of the above situation, our company after years of exploration, and the cooperation with relevant research institutes and universities, developed with domestic advanced technology of titanium concentrate, preheating rotary kiln into a line technology, from the feeding, roasting, heat source sealing, discharge, dust collection and other links are reasonable preparation, received good results.
The system equipment in the process of operation, high thermal efficiency, energy saving temperature control good product quality and stability. The cost of titanium iron per ton is reduced by more than 200 yuan.
Titanium concentrate roasting and smelting equipment is divided into:
1. Feeding system
2. Rotary kiln
3. Dust collection series
4. Roasting heat source system
5. Smelting system

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