Pr product Shaker introduction

Introduction of vibrating screen:
• Screening machinery is a device widely used to classify loose materials into different particle sizes.
• Chaoyang Heavy Machinery Equipment Development Co., Ltd. mainly produces vibrating screen products for YA, D(Z)D type round vibrating screen, ZKB type linear screen (dehydrating screen), etc.

• The vibrating screen produced by our company absorbs foreign advanced technology at the same time, combined with the development of machining technology and material manufacturing technology in recent years, the vibrator (as shown below) has been improved design, so that it has good sealing performance and durability, working bearing using thin oil lubrication, high service life. At the same time, the static seal of the vibrator adopts 3 O-ring, the dynamic seal adopts imported dust-proof oil seal, and the tight processing of the lip of the oil seal and the shaft can make the surface finish reach 1.6μm, and the concentricity of the shaft is controlled within φ0.02mm, which perfectly solves the oil leakage problem of similar products. The product has the advantages of low noise, easy maintenance and stable output.
1) Vibration shaft adopts forged carbon steel blank after processing and conditioning treatment, good stiffness, high strength.
2) The company has a Φ1000x5000 large lathe for the shaft cover and flange welding after the overall processing, to ensure that the shaft cover end face parallelism is only 0.01mm, perpendicularity is only 0.02mm.
3) Bearing adopts high-performance large clearance bearing imported from Sweden SKF, and its service life is dozens of times that of ordinary bearings
4) Bearing seat and shaft cover flange adopts axial and radial double O-ring sealing, sealing plate and bearing seat matching also adopts O-ring sealing, sealing effect is good, disassembly and maintenance is convenient.
5) The shaft end dynamic seal is sealed with double imported dust-proof skeleton oil seal, and the shaft surface machining precision is IT6 and the surface roughness is only 1.6um. Oil seal service life is very high.
6) The shaker and screen box are installed with 10.9 high strength bolts and nuts, and the ring groove rivets are fastened to ensure that there is no relative displacement between the shaker and screen box.
7) The adjustable eccentric block installed on the counterweight wheel can be adjusted according to the use of the situation, in order to achieve the best vibration screening effect.
8) The parts shall be sandblasted before assembly, and the surface shall be painted with strong, glossy and beautiful.
The company has 6mX4m(±1) cutting board platform, screen box adopts the international advanced ring groove rivet hydraulic cold drawing riveting frame technology. The screen box has high stability and good technical performance.
Screen on the screen box is symmetrical tension and firm, will directly affect the screening efficiency and the service life of the screen. The vibrating screen produced by our company uses a scientific screen tensioning device with screws fastening the laminate. At the same time, it can also protect the side plate of the screen box


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