GNZ concentrator is a new type of high efficiency concentrator with central drive and automatic target lifting developed by our company with the introduction of foreign technology. Widely used in the treatment of various industrial slurry, such as coal, metal ore dressing water, chemical slurry, etc.

First, the purpose of the machine
In the mining and chemical industries, central-type concentrators are often used to concentrate concentrate or tailings pulp before filtration and slime drying and concentrate drying. At the same time in the chemical industry and oxygen plant, electrolytic plant can also use the concentrator for liquid substance concentration.
Ii. Working principle of thickener
The slurry containing fine objects is fed to a certain depth in the center of the enrichment tank through the trough frame. The slurry flows slowly to the periphery in a uniform radiative shape, and the solid particles of the slurry are precipitated by their own weight during roaming.
The concentration of pulp depends on the natural settlement of solid particles. The pulp settling to the bottom of the pool is scraped to the funnel in the center of the pool in the movement of the scraper, and discharged from the funnel.
The pulp enters the charging tank from the pipe, then enters the pool and the concentrated product is discharged from the discharge hopper in the center of the pool and the pipe connected to it.

Iii. Technical performance and Specifications
For example, the parameters of the 6-meter concentrator are:


Rake speed




Processing capacity


2.58 tons /h


In-tank capacity




Precipitation area




Pool size






Overall dimensions of concentrator

Length * width





Thickener weight





Driving gear



Y100L2-4 3.0KW 1430 RPM


WXJ120-40-2 pack









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