How to improve the screening efficiency of fine particles?

The so-called screening efficiency refers to the actual weight of the product under the screen and the weight ratio of the material contained in the sieve size is smaller than the size of the sieve. Factors affecting screening efficiency:
First, the nature of the material
(a) the particle size characteristics of the material is less than 3/4 sieve size particles called "easy sieve"; Particles smaller than the size of the sieve but larger than 3/4 of the size of the sieve are called "difficult sieve particles", and particles with the size of 1 to 1.5 times the size of the sieve are called "obstruction particles". When the content of raw material fine grade is less, and the sieve itself is too coarse, particle size greatly exceeds the size of the sieve, you can use the larger size of the auxiliary screen, to first discharge the product on the sieve coarse level, and then screen contains a large number of fine grade of finer material so as to improve the screening efficiency and extend the life of the screen.
(two) material water content and mud content material surface water can make fine particles bonded to each other into a group, and attached to the large particles, viscous material will also block the screen, so when the material water content is high, seriously affect the screening efficiency, you can consider increasing the sieve method to improve the screening efficiency.
(3) If the particle shape of the material is garden, it is easy to pass through the square hole and the garden hole, the broken product is mostly polygonal, through the square hole and the garden hole is not as easy as through the rectangular hole, strip, plate, sheet material is difficult to pass through the square hole and the garden hole, but easy to pass through the rectangular hole.
Two, sieve surface type
(1) There are usually three kinds of screen working face: Steel bar, steel wire and steel plate punching, their impact on screening efficiency is mainly related to their effective area, the larger the effective area of the screen surface, the more the area of the screen hole, the ore particles are easier to pass through the screen, the screening efficiency is high, but the life is short, the effective area of the steel wire screen surface is the largest, but the price is the most expensive, but the need for fine screening time, it is necessary to use the steel wire screen.
(two) screen shape rectangular screen mask effective area is larger, higher production capacity, can reduce the screen surface blockage phenomenon.
(3) Sieve size
(4) the motion state of the sieve
The screening efficiency of various screens is roughly as follows:
Sieve type fixed bar screen rotating drum screen shaking screen vibrating screen
Screening efficiency % 50-60 60 70-80 90 +
(5) The length and width of the sieve
For certain materials, productivity mainly depends on the width of the screen surface, screening efficiency mainly depends on the length of the screen surface. General sieve width and length ratio of 1∶2.5 ~ 1∶3.
Three, operating conditions
(a) Feed should be uniform and continuous
(2) Feeding quantity
The increase of feed volume, the increase of production capacity, but the screening efficiency will gradually reduce; The above types are the factors that affect the efficiency of screening and the corresponding measures should be taken.

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