Introduction to hammer Crusher performance

Due to the late development and utilization of wollastonite minerals, the enterprise scale is generally small. After the initial battle of flower mining, price war, customer war and technology theft, the whole industry gradually stepped into the track of standardized and healthy development under the adjustment of national industrial policies and the market, and the production scale, product varieties and economic benefits of enterprises have been greatly improved.
Especially in the past 2 years, the scientific research capacity of the enterprise, mining equipment, processing equipment and technology, detection level compared with the earlier stage of development are ring hammer breaking machine referred to as hammer breaking, this machine is widely used in various industries, single from the brick factory, crushing and destroying coal gangue, shale, slag, cinder, limestone, construction slag and other materials. However, the humidity of these materials is a big, serious impact on our output, rainy day can not be enough normal production is also a obscure problem. The new tectonic heavy hammer crusher is here to help you deal with that.
A double rotor up and down two stage ring hammer breaking machine
Ring hammer breaking machine adopts two sets of rotors in series with each other, the material is sent to the feeding port of the hammer breaking machine through the conveyor. The material in the crushing and destroying chamber, which is broken by the superior rotor, immediately enters the hammer head of the lower rotor in rapid rotation and is broken again. The materials in the crushing and destroying chamber collide at full speed, crushing and destroying each other, forming the result of hammer powder and crushing and destroying material. And then directly discharged from the discharge port, forming the discharge particle size of less than 3 mm. This particle can meet the needs of brick manufacturers as internal combustion brick.
Two, no grate bottom, high humidity material, not infarct
The hammer stone machine has the characteristics of large rupture ratio, high efficiency, strong usability, and the ring hammer breaking machine design without the bottom of the screen grate, there is no requirement on the material moisture content, there is no paste blocking screen plate, there is no material can not be discharged in real time, repeated crushing and destruction of the problem, so the crushing and destruction efficiency is high, there is no ineffective hammer wear scene.
Three, wear-resistant combination hammer
The hammer of the ring hammer breaking machine is completely forged by the train wheel, and then the hammer is processed by thermal treatment to strengthen the wear resistance and toughness. It is more suitable for wear resistance of materials with different hardness.
Four, the common shift clearance skills
The hammer of the hammer breaking machine does not need to be repaired after wear, and the moving position can be used repeatedly. A pair of hammer heads can be used against three hammer heads.
Five, hydraulic electric starter shell
Operation with electric oil pump, open and close at will control, reversing oil valve, changed the previous hand pump can not pull serious safety risks, users in the use of the process and maintenance process more safe.
Six, the hammer type cracking machine rotor disc all through hot treatment, so that the wear resistance of the rotor disc greatly improved, changed the previous rotor disc maintenance is difficult, without wear serious defects.
Bearing boxes are all made of cast steel, and each shaft box is fixed with four screws. Change the previous generation of products due to loose screws formed bearing box wear serious safety hazards. Make the same equipment more scientific, more suitable.
Greatly improved, new products continue to increase, especially the technical development of crusher equipment and grinding machine equipment, making needle powder, ultrafine powder and modified powder processing technology innovation; Deep processing capacity surge, completely changed to sell raw ore based management mode; The vitality of the enterprise has been greatly enhanced. It is reported that the current market order of China's wollastonite industry is gradually improving, the product price is gradually increasing, the product is in short supply, and the whole industry has completely changed the situation of slight profit and slight loss, and realized the overall profit.
The processing and utilization of wolverite needs the help of crusher and grinding machine equipment, and the development prospect of wolverite is not estimated, according to foreign experts forecast, the proportion of wolverite application field in the future is as follows: ceramic industry and relevant departments 6%; Coatings, plastics and decorative materials 22%; Asbestos substitutes 5%; El often living insulating goods with insulation ceramic foam 12%; Insulating ceramic foam for building 6pc; Fireproof insulating layer ceramic foam 2%; Ceramic foam for casting production 4%; Slag concrete block surface coating 3pc; Paper production 40%.
Jaw crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher, etc., are suitable for coarse and fine crushing processing of wollastonite. In today's market where wollastonite needle powder and superfine powder are popular, the configuration of grinding machine equipment is to add a strong fire to it. In order to cope with the superfine powder market, YGMX superfine grinding machine, HGM three-ring micro-grinding machine, MQX ultrafine ball mill and other ultrafine powder processing equipment is particularly unique in wollastonite fine powder processing, which can fully meet the wollastonite manufacturer's requirements and standards, and is suitable for the wollastonite market development needs.

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