Characteristics of new micro-power dust collector lower than the national emission standard

In recent days, the problem of environmental pollution has become a topic on people's tongues. In recent years, our company has been conducting in-depth research on the treatment of industrial exhaust gas, and has developed various types and models of precipitators. Combined with different working conditions, we design and produce dust removal and environmental protection equipment at any point according to the actual working conditions. Micro-power dust collector, also known as non-power dust collector, I will briefly explain the characteristics of micro-power dust collector advantages.
Characteristics of micro-dynamic dust collector:
1. Solve the dust of crusher, vibrating screen and other equipment. On the basis of non-dynamic dust removal technology, small filter drum and filter bag type dust collector are installed to make up for the weakness of insufficient raw power of materials and ensure the efficiency of dust removal.
2. Solve the problem that the vibrating screen is not polluted by dust again.
Non-power dust collector technology changes the traditional dust removal process, dust removal concept is novel, dust removal principle is properly applied, equipment conception is ingenious, process layout is reasonable, energy saving, no power consumption or power consumption is small, dust removal index advanced.
Has the same dust removal effect as the traditional characteristics, and has the following characteristics:
1. No land area, no landscape visual pollution.
2. No need for operator, convenient maintenance and low cost.
3. Micro power dust removal process, low power consumption, about 20% of the bag dust removal technology.
4. Save about 20-30% of investment.
5. Ensure that the dust collection rate reaches more than 90%, the dust content of the gas at the equipment outlet is less than 50mg/Nm3, and the dust concentration at the operating point is less than 10mg/m3.
Chaoyang Heavy Machinery Equipment Development Co., Ltd. has a wealth of exhaust gas treatment and recycling experience, the product equipment is complete, industrial environmental protection manufacturers, you are welcome to consult!

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