The micro power dust collector is lower than the national emission standard

Micro-power dust collector is also called non-power dust collector, it breaks the traditional dust removal way, without any additional power equipment.
Micro dynamic dust removal technology is aimed at crusher, vibrating screen, silo and other equipment related to belt conveyor.
The micro-power dust collector technology belongs to the dry dust removal technology field of environmental protection. It is suitable for the dust collection of the dust collection points such as the transfer station of the material conveying system, but not for the dust collection of the flue gas such as the furnace.
The effect achieved after dust removal
After the dry cleaning and dust removal system, the dust content in the outlet of micro-power precipitator is less than 50mg/Nm3, which is lower than the emission standard stipulated by the state. The dust concentration of the operation post is <10mg/m3, and the dust removal rate is >96%. All the dust after purification and capture is returned to the production equipment, and no waste is discharged. Using dry dust removal process, no water pollutants. The noise of micro-power dust removal machine is less than 50dB (A), less than the national standard.
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