North Korea Redevelopment Company successfully fired the fourth rotary kiln production line in Jinda

In July 2017, summer, hot July, Chaoyang Heavy Machinery Equipment Development Co., Ltd. riveting welding class under the leadership of the squad leader Zhu, under the scorching sun, in order to meet the requirements of users, on schedule to complete the φ2.2X33M rotary kiln production line site installation, in the natural conditions and site difficult conditions under the severe test, the North development company withstood the pressure, On July 20th, the installation work was completed on schedule, strictly abiding by the promise of keeping on schedule.
At 10:00 on July 20th, the manager and technical staff of the DPRK Redevelopment Company, the leaders of Jinda Molybdenum Industry and all the staff of the 3# rotary kiln production line were present. The on-site staff checked the equipment and found that everything was in production and in line with ignition conditions. The ignition started at 10:20, and the equipment was operating normally. After a long time of observation, 5 any problems appeared. The production line of No.3 rotary kiln has entered the production state, which has been highly recognized and praised by the leaders and employees of Jinda Molybdenum Industry.
All the staff of the redevelopment company could not restrain their inner joy and excitement, recalling the hard work of more than a month, how many times the work clothes were wet with sweat in the hot day, and how many hours of overtime work. At this moment, the fruits of hard work have been so highly recognized and praised, so that users trust them. Moral encouragement and support cannot be measured in terms of material things.


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