Awarded the "Pioneer of Workers"

Chaoyang Heavy Machinery Equipment Development Co., Ltd. is a highly cohesive collective. Under the condition of tight production tasks, Mr. Chen also does not forget to grasp the workers' spare time life, strengthen physical exercise, carry out outward bound training, and improve the team spirit, such as: Basketball games, table tennis games, field activities, collective amateur parties, etc., further communication between people. Working in an enterprise is not only for making money, but also for the feeling of going home. We love each other like relatives.
Explanation of cohesion: the mutual attraction between molecules of the same substance. It only shows up when the molecules are very close together (less than 10 to the minus 6 centimeters). The smaller the distance between molecules, the greater the cohesion. Cohesion causes matter to come together into a liquid or solid. This is the explanation of cohesion I found on the Internet. There is absolutely no tacit cooperation between strangers. To create opportunities for the team to get together and communicate with each other, only very close to each other can create different teams with more chances of contact over time. Apparently, North Korea Redevelopment Corporation did. In April 2018, the fitter class of Chaoyang Heavy Machinery Equipment Development Co., Ltd. was awarded the "Worker Pioneer" by the All-China Federation of Trade Unions, which is the recognition of the team of North Korea Redevelopment Company. Never forget the original intention, strive to forge ahead, hard work is the driving force of an excellent team, towards the redevelopment company in the future development of perseverance, to create first-class quality and service, to win the trust and satisfaction of users.

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