Jin Can October, Chaoyang Heavy Spring Resort, a day trip

In October 2018, during the golden harvest season, when the construction period was very tense, on August and October, the first-line employees of Chaoyang Heavy Development Company did not feel relaxed and happy because of the arrival of the festival. Instead, they were extraordinarily nervous and worked overtime. Add a little, the whole factory is filled with tension.
The working people are the most glorious. In spite of the tight schedule, in order to ease the labor pressure, the trade unions are scheduled to relax on October 16 and organize a trip to Kazuo Hot Springs.


Jin Can October


Jin Can October


Collective activities are the best way to enhance corporate cohesion. A team can only create a miracle by uniting one heart and one mind. Chaoyang Heavy Development Company is a team that dares to fight and dare to fight, to withstand the pressure and dare to challenge the team.


Jin Can October


The employees of Chaoyang Heavy Development Company washed away the fatigue, and they did not forget to enjoy the beautiful scenery. With the advice of General Chen, we went to the wetlands and glass plank roads, and the day's amusement ended in this golden beauty. No, this is the beginning of a beautiful tomorrow!


Jin Can October

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