North Korea Redevelopment Corporation "The Story of Me and Business" keynote speech

Corporate culture is the cornerstone of enterprise development, profound cultural deposits to create an excellent team. On the afternoon of December 8, 2020, an impassioned keynote speech contest titled "The Story of My Business" was held at the Korea Redevelopment Corporation.

Association chairman, host -- Fang Mo Li

Five workers and three managers from front-line positions shared the stage. They use personal experiences to tell the story of themselves and the business, of their own upbringing, of the people around them. With vivid language, touching stories, emotional speech, promote corporate culture, promote the company's impressive performance, carry forward the perfect based, the pursuit of excellence of the enterprise spirit.

Technology Minister, excellent Communist -- Chen Changtao

Financial Supervisor -- Tong Yao

Worker technician -- Tong He Liang

Quality pacesetter -- Zhu Yuguo

Association vice - chairman - Meng Qingfu

Party branch member -- Deng Xiaoqiang

Electric welder -- Dai Zhifei

Fitter monitor -- Wang Jian

The speeches were scored by the judges and awarded first, second, third and excellence awards respectively. The leaders presented awards to the winners.

Ardent hope, warm words, expressed the leaders and guests to the winners of the sincere congratulations and high praise for the speech contest.

The former chairman of Chaozhong Group -- Shao Jianwen

General Manager of North Korea Redevelopment Company -- Chen Guangping

It is the first time for the North Korea Redevelopment Corporation, a private company that focuses on cultural development, to hold such a contest. It provides a stage for employees to show themselves and will promote the healthy development of production and management activities of enterprises. Rich and colorful cultural activities add new impetus to the development of enterprises.

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