North Korea Redevelopment and Zhaoye Sand and Stone Co., LTD. Signed MQ3245 ball mill contract

On April 25, 2021, our company signed the MQ3245 ball mill contract with Zhaoye Sand & Stone Co., LTD., Qinglong Manchu Autonomous County, marking another breakthrough in the field of sand making.
With rapid development of national construction, the demand for sand is more and more big, due to sand resources shortage, non-prescribed internal sand mining has been established in many areas of our country, in recent years, especially serious, to sand digging, destroyed river, destroyed fields common phenomenon, these non-standard behavior caused a lot of project accidents. Natural sand, a natural resource, has been gradually decreasing, decreasing in quality and increasing in price. Therefore, it is urgent to find new sand resources. It has become one of the important means to solve the shortage of sand for construction by actively using solid waste such as tailings waste rock and construction waste to replace natural resources and developing mechanical sand stone. Therefore, the state encourages and supports the development of machine-made sand and believes that machine-made sand will have a better development prospect under the environment of gradual depletion of natural sand resources.
Our company produces and manufactures various types of sand making machines, such as hammer type sand making machine, jaw type crusher, roll type sand making machine, counter type sand making machine, rod grinding type sand making machine, etc. Different equipment has different performance, output, etc., according to the actual needs of reasonable selection is the key, if necessary, you can consult 0421-7268378 free of charge, we will arrange professional engineers for your service.

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