Salute the most beautiful worker

Labor is the love of life, the pursuit of dreams. There are such a group of people in the corporation who gather together for a common cause and for the future of the corporation. They work quietly in their respective positions and embody their values in life. It is such a group of enterprise elite team, the courage to fight hard, the courage to fight hard, to make the enterprise in an invincible position in the market competition.

Zhu Yukun, the monitor of riveting welding class, has been rated as civilized worker by the company for many years, and was awarded as Chaoyang Model Worker in May 2020. He is proficient in technology and good at management. He takes care of the work of the riveting welding workshop in an orderly manner for years, showing the responsibility and responsibility of the redevelopment staff in a silent place.
After this year's Spring Festival, a hard battle began in the company. The 32 sets of cold furnaces, 4 horizontal tanks and 32 high slots produced for Jinda titanium industry started production at the same time, the time is tight, the quality requirements are high, the technical difficulty is big, for only ten members of the riveting welding class is not a small challenge. Zhu Yukun and his riveting welding team bravely took on the task. In order to ensure the construction period, Zhu monitor reasonable deployment of personnel and equipment, time tight on overtime, no rest at noon, after work to do a few hours. When the pressure of automatic welding is relatively large, two shifts are used, and the self-made tooling is used to solve the difficulty that there is no automatic welding machine available for the inner and outer ring seam welding of the high slot cylinder. The production site of riveting welding is busy, forming a beautiful production scenery. Successful completion of the task on schedule, showing the spirit of the DPRK redevelopment company, for users to put into production to lay a solid foundation, highly praised by users. Zhu Yukun has become a shining star in the development company.

Wang Jian, the foreman of the fitter class and a member of the North Korea Redevelopment Company, was recognized by his leaders and colleagues for his hard work. He took on the heavy responsibilities of the work, and whenever needed, he was available to work as hard as he could. He often said a sentence is "I am a party member, I am the monitor I do". At the end of last year, he was rated as an outstanding Communist Party member by the company.
Last July, they received the task of producing 3670 mill for Jianping Long. The time limit was short and the task was large, but the pliers were not daunted by the difficulties. In the face of a tight schedule and a lack of staff, everyone consciously worked overtime. In July, only five fitters worked 28 days of overtime, or 64 hours of overtime per person. It is with this tenacious spirit of hard work, a month is won a mill unit installation task, set a monthly production of 400 tons of the highest record in the development company.
Since the beginning of this year, the fitter class with a new attitude into the new product assembly services, has completed the installation of 32 sets of cold furnaces produced by Jinda Titanium Industry air valve task, complete four horizontal tank, 32 high slot cleaning and shipping work. To say that he is a "general" is to say that he took the lead, the fitter class of a variety of jobs and uneven personnel quality, into a collective dare to fight hard. Having no experience in class management, he worked in middle school. Iron also needs to be hard, Wang Jian with his sincere work to win trust, brought out a united fighting team.

Chen Changtao, the minister of the Technology Department, came to the reconstruction development Company after graduation from university. With a grateful heart, he plunged into the forefront of the development of the enterprise. With the wisdom and talent of a young Communist Party member, he made outstanding contributions to the development of the enterprise.
Increasing order channels, product varieties are more complex. From building materials machinery to metallurgical mines, from vanadium titanium alloy to chemical equipment, the expansion of the field needs constant knowledge update, technology update. It is necessary to constantly enrich and improve the skills of technical personnel. In order to ensure the completion of production tasks, Chen Changtao often goes to the front line to solve problems in production on the spot and enriches himself from production practice. Technological innovation is the core of enterprise development, continuous innovation, to benefit from new technology and new technology is the focus of enterprise technology department. Chen Changtao made silent dedication as the minister of technology, reformed the process and concentrated on the design to save money for the enterprise and create economic benefits. Last year, only 3.6MX7M mill, ball disc design improvement and Jinda Titanium 600 crusher improvement for the enterprise to reduce the cost of 251,000 yuan.
Chen Changtao, who has been rated as an outstanding Communist Party member by the company for many years, was rated as a civilized worker by the company at the end of last year. He added a new style to the development of the enterprise with his shining youth.
Because do not forget the original intention, so willing to contribute; Because remember the mission, so charge in front. They, no earth-shattering feat, no vigorous contribution, but with a cavity of blood to fulfill their mission, in the day after day of work, little by little to pay hard, in the plain ordinary to realize the value of workers. On the eve of the May Day International Labor Day, we salute our company and workers from all walks of life. Thank you for your selfless dedication!

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