Party history strong faith, is a new journey

On the occasion of celebrating the centennial anniversary of the founding of the Party, as a series of commemorative activities, Chaoyang heavy machinery equipment Development Co., LTD. Party branch held in the afternoon of July 3 "study Party history strong faith with the party walk symposium". In addition to all Party members, non-party functionarians of the company are specially invited to participate in the symposium

At the meeting, the Party members have spoken, talking about learning Party history, Party history education activities experience.

Meng Qingran, a member of the party branch, said in her speech that she deeply felt the responsibility of being a party member by studying party history and visiting the Liaoshen Campaign Memorial Hall. We should remember our original aspiration and keep our mission in mind, and turn remembering martyrs, learning heroes and learning Party history into a powerful driving force to do our work well.

Deng Xiaoqiang, a party member from the front line, said in his speech that the spirit of the Long March is the precious spiritual wealth of our Party. With the spirit of the Long March, our Party has overcome numerous difficulties and obstacles and achieved the victory of the Chinese revolution. With the spirit of the Long March, our Party has led the people of the whole country to achieve great changes from standing up and getting rich to today. We will also rely on the spirit of the Long March to follow the new Long March of socialism with Chinese characteristics for a new era.

Zhang Zehuan, a veteran party member, explained his understanding of the Party with his personal experience. He said that the historical achievements made by our Party in leading the people to build a new China show that there would be no new China without the Communist Party. 

Zhao Fucun, a probationary Party member, said in his speech that learning the history of the Party and visiting the Memorial Hall of the Liaoshen Campaign had made me more passionate about our Party and more determined to follow the Party forever. We should put the study of Party history into action, conscientiously do their own work.
In their speeches, Party members said that the success of Chinese Communists lies in adhering to their faith and never giving up the faith of Communists at any time. This is the driving force and foundation for us to do our own business well and the cause of the Party well. To carry on the legacy of the martyrs. On the journey of the new centenary, we will carry forward the glorious tradition of the Party and give full play to the exemplary vanguard role of Party members.

Jiang Chao, a representative of the non-Party masses who attended the symposium, said in his speech that the history of the Party is a magnificent history of revolution, struggle and construction of the Chinese revolution. The study of Party history will surely inspire the people of all ethnic groups in China to follow the Communist Party forever and build a better homeland.

General Manager Chen Guangping attended the symposium as an ordinary veteran party member. He said in his speech that we organized everyone to visit the Liaoshen Campaign Memorial Hall not long ago. I was blown away by every visit. So many revolutionary martyrs died in the Liaoshen campaign. They sacrificed their blood and lives for our happy life today. As Party members, we must first love the Party and patriotism, have faith, and be responsible.
He said that celebrating the centenary of the founding of the CPC was a great event that stirred the world.  As a Chinese very excited, also feel very proud.
Our study of Party history should be carried out on the basis of doing a good job. To work in good faith, good faith life. If a Party member is to be dedicated and recognized by the ordinary people, he or she must do more for the people and do good things, first of all, he or she must do well in his or her own affairs. It is necessary to join hands, overcome difficulties and do our business well.

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