Perfect! YA2460 round vibrating screen one-time successful test and delivery

On August 23, YA2460 round vibrating screen produced by Chaozhong Development Co., Ltd. was successfully tested in one time, which laid the foundation for the ignition of the whole white ash production line of the customer on schedule. Since the signing of the equipment contract, the general manager of the company personally takes charge of supervising every link of production to ensure that the equipment is delivered to customers on time.





YA2460 circular vibrating screen is my company introduced foreign technology, long-term research and improvement, using the latest technology to produce YA series single-axis circular vibrating screen, referred to as circular vibrating screen, it is a kind of circular motion vibrating screen. It can be used for grading and screening of medium particle size in the auxiliary or independent screening operation of gravel production line, black, non-ferrous and non-metallic mines. The screening machine has the advantages of simple structure, stable operation and reliable operation.

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