The main equipment hoisting of Inner Mongolia Metallized pelletizing technical Transformation project has been completed

On the morning of October 8th, as the last rotary kiln barrel fell steadily into the designated area, two φ5x80m rotary kilns and two φ3.5x50m single cooling equipment cylinders of Inner Mongolia Metallizing pellet technical transformation project contracted by our company were all hoisted in place and successfully closed, marking the completion of the main hoisting of the project.




The difficulty of this lifting is high work and heavy weight installation work. In order to ensure the successful completion of the lifting task, combined with the actual situation of the site, the relevant technical personnel of our company formulated a detailed lifting plan for the lifting, and made detailed and perfect deployment of construction requirements, security, staffing, emergency treatment and so on. After a comprehensive inspection of the vehicle condition, ground condition and sling gear of the crane is qualified, the hoisting stage is officially entered. The 400T crawler crane and 300T and 160T car crane cooperated in the construction. With the joint efforts of the construction, supervision and the owner, the cylinder was successfully hoisted into place, laying a solid foundation for the completion of the project.



Since the start of the project, our company has been working hard to put the project into production. All the staff of the project department have given up holidays to rest, and have overcome numerous difficulties to promote the project construction. The successful hoisting and closing of the cylinder greatly encouraged the morale of the site personnel, and also marked a new stage for the installation of the system, the core of the project. Our company will continue to overcome the adverse effects of rainy season, temperature and limited site, increase resource investment, and make every effort to ensure that the project is completed and put into operation as scheduled.

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