Work overtime to seize the production task bravely to overcome difficulties to interpret the spirit of heavy

Since entering the fourth quarter, the company's new sales orders have reached a peak. Especially in November, the early orders have been delivered successively, and the follow-up orders are imminent. At the same time, affected by the national power limit policy, whether the production task can be delivered on time is a great test for all the staff of the redevelopment of North Korea.
To this end, the employees of all departments of the company are actively cooperating with each other, concentrating on the strength, closely focusing on the time node to decompose and refine the task, each team actively responded to the call, and vowed to complete the production task with quality and quantity.
All departments follow up the task progress of each production link in strict accordance with the production plan, coordinate and communicate the deployment of production factors such as equipment, personnel and materials. In terms of quality control, strictly implement the process of the company's quality management system, strengthen the communication and communication with quality inspection personnel and technical departments for each link and procedure involved in the work. No matter in the machining or assembly process of structural parts and parts, each process is required to be self-inspected by the operator and inspected by the inspector. Meanwhile, the process flow procedures are strictly implemented. From the material storage, to the blanking, welding, heat treatment, machining and other whole processes, the inspection, production flow and other related records are recorded to ensure the quality control.

For safety risks in the production process, the workshop team also actively cooperate with production safety management, make full use of pre-shift meetings, regular production meetings and other opportunities to preach production safety common sense, safety operation procedures, and constantly improve the safety awareness of employees, so as to achieve the safety alarm.

For the whole two months, the employees gave up their rest time and took the initiative to work. No one complained or flinched. They were all responsible, brave and responsible, starting from the overall situation, sticking to the front-line positions with full passion, completing the production tasks with high standards and requirements, and interpreting the "perfection-based, pursuit of excellence" enterprise spirit with practical actions.
We believe that every opportunity and challenge is a sublimation and transformation for all the staff of the redevelopment. Only by forging ahead and daring to fight, can we remain invincible in the future development. Here I would like to express my special thanks to the workers who never bow their heads and go forward in the face of pressure. It is your spirit of hard work that has cast a brilliant future for the redevelopment of China.

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