Condensing the heart to gather strength, crack the difficulties, Sheng science and technology transformation project to show the style of heavy

Inner Mongolia Zhongsheng Technology Group Metallized pelletizing Technical Renovation Project has been under construction since June 2021. With the strong support and cooperation of the manufacturer, after six months of hard work, the installation of the main components such as cylinder and transmission is progressing smoothly and entering the stage of fine adjustment.


The installation of two 5x80 meters rotary kiln, 3x50 meters single cooling machine is designed by the British David company, the design concept and structural details are not small differences with the domestic. Our company is also the first time to dismantle and install such a large specification of rotary kiln, in the lack of drawings and other adverse conditions, our installation technicians overcome numerous difficulties, give full play to their talents, overcome one difficulty after another, to ensure the smooth progress of the project. We have encountered many difficulties, whether dismantling the site or transferring the installation. The first time we dismantled the installation, we did not have enough experience to learn, try again and again. Installation equipment is insufficient, ants gnawed bone, broken into pieces, each break. Not one crane but several cranes at the same time. Relying on the wisdom and wisdom of the installation team and field technicians, we successfully took down one installation node, which accumulated valuable experience for the removal and installation of large equipment of our company, and also set a new breakthrough in the history of the company since its establishment.

For the whole six months, from Tianjin to Wuhai, from the heat to the cold, from dawn to night, the installation workers of the DPRK redevelopment Company were brave and brave, fully carrying forward the spirit of "using site for market, using integrity for the future", united and cooperated, and made joint efforts to create another high-quality project of the DPRK Redevelopment Company, again creating new brilliance of the DPRK Redevelopment Company.

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