Epidemic prevention and production, for the progress of customers escort

In March 2022, the novel coronavirus epidemic struck again. Faced with the sudden outbreak of the novel coronavirus, the DPRK Redevelopment Company actively responded, took the initiative, made overall arrangements, and all the staff worked in one mind to ensure the balance between production and operation and epidemic prevention and control, and went all out to fight the "two-front" campaign of fighting the epidemic and maintaining production.
Affected by the epidemic, the control has been upgraded again, and the roads are not smooth. As a result, Chaoyang's freight industry is almost shut down, with no cars available. During the epidemic, how to ensure the safety and timely delivery of equipment urgently needed by customers has become a challenge for companies. Toward the development of the company urgent users, users want to think, do everything possible to overcome the epidemic brought by many difficulties, multiple measures at the same time, to ensure that equipment shipments do not stop, the schedule is not affected.
New Hualong Dayou Molybdenum Co., Ltd. is our high-quality partner for many years. During the epidemic period, in order to ensure the timely delivery of the 3x50.5 meter rotary kiln of New Hualong Co., LTD., and ensure the installation progress of the whole production line, the general manager of the company personally coordinated the solution and contacted Jinzhou side to rent a large truck to pull the goods. Prepare the report in advance and actively cooperate with the epidemic prevention department of the city's high-speed station to do a good job of elimination.


On the morning of April 9th, three large trucks arrived at Korea Redevelopment Company smoothly. Under the careful organization of the production department and general affairs Department of the company, part of the supporting wheel and retaining wheel of 3x50.5 meter rotary kiln were delivered as planned in the afternoon.



On April 10, the company's installation personnel arrived at the site and began the intense installation of the equipment foundation. They overcame many difficulties such as on-site lifting and installation. After five days' struggle, they successfully completed the preliminary task on April 14 as planned, which was a solid first step for the subsequent installation.


Good company reputation and installation personnel fearless dedication, get the user's praise.

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