Singing in a New Era, stepping on a new journey -- A poetry recital celebrating the 101st anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China

In order to commemorate the 101st anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, promote the spirit of patriotism, inspire workers to love the party, love the country, love the enterprise enthusiasm, educate party members to firm faith, stick to the mission, in the face of the actual difficulties of the enterprises affected by the epidemic, breathe with the enterprise and share the fate, keep the vanguard of party members, to make contributions to the survival and development of the enterprise. On July 1, the birthday of the Communist Party of China, the North Korea Redevelopment Co., Ltd. held a poetry recital with the theme of "Song in My Heart" in the conference room on the second floor. Eight employees from the company's frontline and management positions participated in the recitation activity.

The recitation kicked off in the affectionate recitation of "I am proud, I am Chinese" by Chen Changtao from the Technology Department. The recitation praised the excellent cultural tradition of the Chinese nation and the achievements of modern reform and opening up, and expressed the national pride of loving the motherland and the people as a Chinese.

"My Chinese Dream" recited by Liu Bo of Riveter Class inspired everyone to forge ahead for the realization of the Chinese Dream and the dream of success with its impassioned theme and enthusiastic positive energy.

Fitter class Deng Xiaoqiang recited the "happiness to the people's heart", the words sonorous and powerful, ups and downs orderly, the Communist Party for the people to seek happiness of the glorious course of interpretation of the drenching.

Finance Tong Yao recited a "You are the song we always sing" with a gentle and delicate voice, every word abas, gentle as jade, touching, let us firmly remember and continue that red.

Riveter class boy He Liang recited the "motherland I love you", the workman class Wang Hongwei recited the "motherland you are the song I want to sing", Wang Jian recited the "This is my motherland", Li Yanhong recited the "I deeply love the motherland" will be recited to the climax, read out the Chinese children of the great motherland deep love and high respect for the Communist Party of China.
The reciters were confident and generous, and their voices were both lively and passionate, sometimes passionate, sometimes light and drizzling, and they won bursts of applause from the audience. They express change with passionate voices, and glorify glory with poems of the heart.

Company leaders present certificates and prizes to the winners. Chen Guangping, general manager of the company, spoke highly of the reciters and their wonderful performance. At the same time to make a statement on the current business status of the enterprise, no matter how difficult the enterprise, will also be responsible for all the staff in the end, but also hope that all the staff and the enterprise with one heart, face the challenge, coagulate the heart, create brilliant.

Poetry, singing, this poetry recitation, is not only a separate celebration, but also a patriotic education, will love the motherland and love the Party feelings deeply imprinted in the hearts of employees, but also for the company staff to provide a stage to show themselves, create a strong corporate culture atmosphere, so that employees in reading classics to cultivate sentiment, improve personal quality, Do not forget the original intention, forge ahead, solid work, in their respective positions, to make due contribution to the construction of the company.

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