We will promote the construction of learning-oriented enterprises to achieve better and faster development


With the advent of the era of knowledge economy, the essence of competition between enterprises is more and more manifested in the competition of staff quality. The quality of employees depends on their learning ability to a large extent. In this sense, in the new era, the essence of enterprise competition is the competition of learning ability. Therefore, to build a learning-oriented enterprise, encourage employees to keep learning, update knowledge structure, and give full play to employees' intelligence is the inevitable choice for enterprises to participate in the competition in the era of knowledge economy, and also an important guarantee for enterprises to stand firm in the market competition and win the competition.
Just because of this, Chen Guangping, general manager of Korea Redevelopment Development, in addition to setting an example and constantly learning, communicated with the relevant person in charge for many times, repeatedly incubated the management training program, and carried out three centralized management training activities in the past two months. Integrate individual advancement and company development into a collective learning and growth process.

After a period of systematic training, on July 21, the company organized a centralized examination for all its managers and announced the results. The purpose is to test the learning results of the previous training and urge management cadres to take the initiative to learn and devote themselves to the enterprise management, production and operation activities. It can be seen from the results that the effect of centralized training is remarkable, which not only increases the learning ability of managers, but also improves the management level of managers, and lays a solid foundation for further improving the executive force and implementation force of managers.

To build a learning enterprise, learning is the way and development is the purpose. Only by constantly transforming the new knowledge learned into productive forces can we support the sustainable progress of the enterprise and inject new vitality into the healthy development of the enterprise.

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