Fatigue crack of linear vibrating screen is easy to produce position and treatment method


Vibrating screen is mainly through the vibration of the screen caused by the motion of objects on the screen, which will be less than the sieve sieve to the bottom of the screen, to achieve the purpose of different size objects separation. Vibrating screen has the advantages of simple structure, convenient maintenance, high efficiency, and its excellent screening ore is widely used in mining, coal, chemical industry and other industries.
Vibration screen in the process of working fatigue crack problems appear more, mainly concentrated in the side plate, bottom beam, girder and other components. Through the analysis of the reasons of each part, the corresponding reinforcement anti-crack measures are put forward for each part, and the implementation effect is very good in practice.
1. Side plate cracking:
The cracking of the side panel can be divided into two parts: along the vibration direction and perpendicular to the vibration direction. When the side plate cracks for the former, the secondary plate is reinforced by extending 200mm around the crack and adding a square. When the cracking is the latter, it is necessary to strengthen the overall side plate and deal with the overall riveted sub-plate, because if it is not handled in time, the overall fracture of the side plate will occur.
2, the middle of the bottom beam cracking:
Because the bottom beam accepts the collision and vibration of the screening raw materials for a long time, the middle part of the bottom beam is easy to produce cracks. At this time, it is necessary to groove the cracks and weld the groove flat at the same time. Plug welding and intermittent welding can also be used to weld the auxiliary plate on the bottom beam to increase the strength of the bottom beam and prolong its service life.
3. Cracking of vibrator girder:
Vibrator is the main device of the whole vibrating screen, the girder plays a particularly key role, although the design will be particularly strengthened, but after a long time of use, will also produce cracks, then need to open at the crack with the thickness of the steel plate groove, and the groove welding flat. When welding, the welding workers are required to accurately control the welding rod, welding temperature and welding time. After the welding is completed, the auxiliary plate is welded at the crack, and the reinforcing bars are welded on the auxiliary plate when necessary, so as to greatly enhance the fatigue resistance of the shaker beam and prolong its service life.
4. Feed port baffle
The main reason for the crack of the inlet baffle is that the material can not be accurately dropped on the blind plate. The material can be accurately dropped to the blind plate by adjusting the Angle and height of the inlet. When the crack occurs, it can be strengthened with channel steel, square pipe, etc.
5, the discharge port baffle cracks:
The main reason for the crack of the discharge port baffle is that the material movement for a long time makes the discharge port baffle wear and thin. The outlet baffle assembly can be surfacing welded to the original thickness, and then the welding place can be ground flat. If necessary, the outlet can be heat treated to enhance the wear resistance of the outlet.
For the prevention of the crack of the key parts of the linear vibrating screen, in addition to the above measures, also need to enhance workers' awareness of daily maintenance, more important is the continuous innovation of the vibrating screen structure, optimize its structure, in order to improve the probability of the vibrating screen.

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