Welcome the twenty and set sail for a new journey

The report carries countless expectations and embodies the wisdom of the entire party, causing strong reactions in the business community.

The DPRK Reconstruction Party Branch organized all Party members to listen to and watch the grand opening ceremony of the 20th CPC National Congress through online and offline means, carefully listened to the important report of the General Secretary, and held a general meeting of all Party members on October 25 to focus on in-depth study of the 20th CPC National Spirit. They were full of passion and ambition, and expressed their gratitude for the glorious mission entrusted by this great era. A banner, work full of vigour, reveal new as the new atmosphere in the new journey.
General Manager Chen Guangping said, as the leader of private enterprises, I will earnestly study and implement the twenty spirit, and integrate it into the enterprise development strategy, practice and implement it into the specific actions of enterprise management and management, do well in operation, research and development, overcome the difficulties in operation and solve the problems of enterprise development. With the continuous innovation of process technology, we will accelerate the strengthening of enterprises in science and technology and manufacturing. At the same time, we will stick to industry and do fine main business, reflect the responsibility of private entrepreneurs in the new era, and strive to achieve high-quality development of private enterprises.

Party members and staff unanimously said: in the future will be more energetic and promising mental state, more full of enthusiasm for work, more solid work style, wholeheartedly into the post, with only seize the day and night energy to create a better life strive forward.

Finally, the head of the Party branch said that the study and implementation of the Party's 20 spirit is the primary political task at present, to set off a study boom in the whole company, so that the Party's 20 spirit deeply rooted in people's hearts. At the same time, we should practice thinking and understanding, promote action with knowledge, and integrate what we have learned and understood into normal work. More importantly, we should stimulate the key leading role of Party members, through excellent party members to influence ordinary party members around us and party members to influence the majority of employees, and try our best to promote the high-quality development of the company.

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